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Plumbing services in California can get expensive, especially when homeowners are in need of a last-minute plumbing repair. So why not head down to your neighborhood ACE Hardware store and stock up on the right plumbing supplies now so that you can fix your next plumbing issue without the headaches of hiring an expensive plumber? The following is a quick list of some basic plumbing supplies every handy homeowner should have on hand:

7 Plumbing Supplies to Get at Your Neighborhood ACE Hardware Store

  • Propane torch. Choose an option with a self-igniting torch head so you do not need to worry about matches or lighters. Propane torches are especially important for use with copper pipes and fittings such as those commonly found in older homes.
  • Strap wrench. Strap wrenches are the go-to tool to installing fixtures like shower heads and faucets. With it, you will wrap the strap around the fixture, secure it, and then turn the fixture into place without scratching its finishing.
  • Locking pliers. Locking pliers work similarly to adjustable wrenches due to their being more reliable to use with one hand — a big must for many plumbing projects.
  • Basin wrench. This is another more specialized tool that is ideal for plumbing projects as it is specifically designed to be used in hard-to-reach and access areas such as underneath sinks.
  • Plumber’s putty. Need a quick temporary fix? Then plumber’s putty is the answer as it can be used to easily and instantly create a water-resistant seal on leaky joints. Just be sure not to rely on it too heavily and use it primarily in areas that are not under constant pressure, such as sink drains.
  • Plumber’s tape. Similar to plumber’s putty, plumber’s tape was designed to create water-resistant seals in plumbing-like situations. Use this tape for seals on things like threaded pipes.
  • Caulk gun and caulk. If you are planning on some major renovations or installations in the coming months, then a caulk gun and caulk is also a must for your plumbing arsenal. Use these plumbing supplies to create a watertight seal when installing something like a new ceramic sink or for repairing seams such as along shower tiles.

Get Your Plumbing Supplies at Tashman’s

Now that you know what to look for, come on down and grab your plumbing supplies at Tashman Home Center, your friendly neighborhood ACE hardware store.

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