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Perhaps It’s Time

Perhaps you’ve just moved into your new home but the previous owner did nothing about the bathrooms since this Mid-Century house that you love was built in 1955. Perhaps you’re concerned about how much water flows through that leaky old shower head because it’s finally dawned on you how important it is to save water. Perhaps you’re just tired of pink and you need a new color in your life. Or perhaps the previous owner has installed the toilet in a totally inappropriate place.

General Tips:

  1. Decide on the materials and allow time for delivery. To get the best prices on materials, comparison shopping is key and things like countertops and tile will take a week or two to be delivered. Wait until you have everything before starting construction. There are three basic types of material for bathroom counters.
    • Natural stone is the nicest and most expensive but must be sealed and is difficult to get in odd shapes.
    • Resin is a very durable material that is not very costly and can be easily made to any shape.
    • Laminate is very cheap and doesn’t last very long, particularly in a bathroom because laminate doesn’t do well with moisture.
  2. Build storage into your shower. You have the chance to start from scratch so avoid buying a shower caddie later and make shelves for your shampoos, soaps and loofah bath sponge right in the shower.
  3. Install a curved shower rod or frameless shower door. Curved shower rods with steel curtain rings look better and are available in different finishes.
  4. Update the lighting. Put a small floodlight in the shower and get a nice new vanity light for over the sink. The style and amount of light can really change the feel of a room.
  5. Use caulking with mold control. Choose an acrylic caulk or hybrid with mold control which can be easily replaced and will obviously reduce the chance of mold.
  6. Place towel bars and grab bars at appropriate heights.  A horse jockey and an NBA player are going to want to have towel bars at different heights.
  7. Calculate the household water usage. You need to make sure the hot water heater is big enough. Here are the rough water usage rates for the bathroom.
    • Showering: 12 gallons per person
    • Bathing: 9 gallons a person
    • Shampooing hair: 4 gallons a personWashing hands and face: 4 gallons a person
    • Shaving: 2 gallons a person
  8. Proper venting. It is important to get a vent that is right for the size of the bathroom. Good circulation is necessary to avoid mold and see yourself in the mirror.

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