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Spring cleaning is more than just a straightening; it involves:

  • re-organization of messy rooms,
  • tossing out of unsightly clutter and
  • the cleaning of surfaces that are ordinarily ignored.

When you’re finished with spring cleaning, your home should shine and sparkle on all surfaces, making it seem roomier, more airy and brighter and smell wonderful.

The following tips will help you approach spring cleaning in a way that is sensible and logical, so that you’ll be better able to execute a successful spring cleaning.

Plan In Advance

Before you begin spring cleaning, it helps to determine the scope of your project. Walk through each room of your home and examine all surfaces. Make a list of every part of your house that could be improved through cleaning or organization. The table covered in bills, the countertop littered with appliances, the closet floor buried in piles of clothes are all parts of your home that should be dealt with when you’ve completed your spring cleaning.

As you walk through the rooms of your home, scrutinize surfaces that you normally give little thought, like bathroom fixtures, shower doors or glass shower enclosures, mirrors, windows and curtains. It may be that some parts of your home seem clean at a glance (like your windows), but closer inspection will reveal that they’re actually covered in a thin film of soot and grime or your shower doors/enclosures have hard water stains and the tile grout is stained. All of these surfaces are part of the spring cleaning process.

For extra help making a spring-cleaning to-do list, there are a number of well-meaning neat freaks online who have published their very own comprehensive spring cleaning lists. You can peruse one or more of these lists for ideas and inspiration.

Buy the Right Cleaning Tools and Products

Once you have a comprehensive list of things to clean/de-clutter/re-organize, it’s time to select the right product or tool for the specific task.

Spring Cleaning Products | Tashman Hardware Los Angeles

You’ll also need the right cleaning implements, like rags and scrub brushes. Sponges have been the go-to cleaning tool for many years, but microfiber cloths are quickly gaining in popularity. Microfiber cloths are the best tools for cleaning smooth surfaces like glass. Use a duster to clean your screens and curtains.

Here are a list of cleaning supplies you might need:

All of the above products and many more are available at TashmanHomeCenter.com our on-line hardware store. And shipping is free if you have your purchases delivered to our Santa Monica Blvd. store (see below) for pick up, or your total is over $99.

In addition to all your cleaning supplies, you’ll also need a place to put your clutter. We recommend a whole range of different kinds of storage containers and organizers depending on what you need to store and where you want to store it.

Get to Work

Once you’ve bought the right cleaning tools and set aside several days to get your spring cleaning done, divide your list up by rooms and take your cleaning room by room. Doing it this way will enable you approach your spring cleaning in a logical, organized manner, which will enable you to get through your project more efficiently and effectively.

Tashman Home Center

For more information about spring cleaning, or for the tools that you’ll need in order to get your spring cleaning done, stop by Tashman Home Center (7769 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90046) or give us a call at (323) 498-2417 to set up an appointment. We have an experienced and knowledgeable staff and we’d be delighted to learn what you’re looking to accomplish and how we might be of assistance.

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