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Shop your local hardware store, Tashman Home Center, to conveniently find everything you need for your home improvement projects. And each time you do, you support your neighborhood and increase its stability. You also add value to the real estate in your whole community, including your home.

Local Stores Return Revenue

The local hardware store contributes to the community by employing local residents. The residents then in turn buy products from other local merchants selling produce, clothing and other such needed items. The money is spread throughout the community, making it stronger, more independent and financially stable, while raising real estate values.

On the other hand, when folks buy hardware supplies online or through big box stores, much of the money leaves the community altogether. Think of it as importing goods and exporting financial stability.

The owners of an internet site will most likely spend the income in another state or even in a different country. Monies spent on an internet site will not help grow a local community. Big Box stores collect revenue and reinvest throughout the world or through stock dividends so not much, if any, stays local.

Local Stores Create Stable Employment

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Nothing slashes the stability of a community more quickly than a lack of jobs. Small local businesses hire their staff from the community, not outsource workers from overseas. And a family-owned business is stronger for the community, as the owner is usually a resident. Large corporate stores have many levels of management and many different agendas. Plus, products and services of these companies are priced to raise profits.

The media has given much attention to Megacorporations like Wal-Mart where upper management have overflowing bank accounts. However, employees working in the stores qualify for food stamps – even when they work fulltime.

Support Your Local Community

In recent years, economists have been able to show just how much a community depends upon its locally-owned businesses. A local hardware store will continually return the money back in the form of wages, purchases and taxes to the community. National chains may purchase and pay employees overseas much of the time and even find tax shelters in other countries.

So choose your local hardware store, like Tashman Home Center, over Home Depot. Spend money that will find its way back to supporting your community. When your community is strong, your land and home values rise.

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