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Entry & Front Door Replacement

Replacing your entry or front door requires some serious consideration – because there’s a number of factors to think about. Doors can be made of different materials, come in many different styles, offer different levels of security, have different levels of energy efficiency and range significantly in price.

At Tashman Home Center, we want you to have all the relevant information before you make this important purchase, so you can pick the right door for your home, condo, apartment or surf shack.

Door Materials

Front doors come in a range of materials that hold up to wear and tear in different ways. The type of material you choose will depend on your budget as well as your personal priorities.

  • Steel. Steel doors are generally the most cost efficient option. They come in a range of styles, are very secure, withstand weather efficiently and they look great unless they become dented or scratched.
  • Fiberglass. Fiberglass doors tend to fall in the mid-range in terms of pricing. They’re often textured like wood and have the appearance of wood. Their wear and tear record is also a bit better than steel doors because they don’t dent, and they’re very low maintenance.
  • Wood. Wood doors are considered the most high-end option. They’re very tough, weather resistant and with proper maintenance will last for many years. They also come in a range of architectural and Southern Calfiornia’s historic styles: Spanish, Spanish Colonial, Traditional, Mid-Century Modern, Mediterranean, Craftsman and California Bungalow.


Sometimes consumers try to save money by installing hollow interior doors at their home’s entrance. Unfortunately, these doors don’t offer the security of a true exterior door. When you’re buying your home’s front door, we recommend that you focus on solid-core doors, for the security of your home and family.

Energy Efficiency

You may have heard about the evils of “energy inefficient front doors“. Drafty doors can let in the icy cold of a Los Angeles winter or allow air conditioning to escape during the summer. You can avoid this problem by purchasing a door certified by the Energy Star program. Energy Star rated doors fit better in their frames and are made of energy efficient materials, to prevent temperatures outside your home from affecting temperatures inside your home.

Historic Period

There are literally thousands of historic properties in Los Angeles. And while your property may not be Hotel California or the Los Feliz murder house, if it is of a particularly period or style, you don’t just want any door: you want a period-specific door that matches the style of your home. And if your home is in one of Los Angeles’ 30 designated Historic Preservation Zones (HPOZ), the style of the door must be approved.

HPOZ Approved Vendor

Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert in historic structures just to buy an entry or front door because Tashman is not only a Los Angeles home improvement store it is also an approved HPOZ Vendor. We are experts in restoring and replacing wood windows and doors with historically correct styles. Tashman also understands HPOZ requirements and can help you provide the necessary information to get your project  approved by your local HPOZ board.

For additional information check out our blog on Los Angeles Historic Preservation Overlay Zones

Tashman Installation

The last thing to consider when purchasing a front door is its installation. Front door installation requires expertise. At Tashman Home Center, we are a licensed contractor (Lic # 298720) as well as an Installation Master, specializing in replacing windows and doors. This means we’re not only able to sell you the right door for your home but to install it as well.

For more information about selecting an entry or front door or to receive a quote for its purchase and installation please give us a call at  323-498-2417 to set up an appointment or stop by the store (7769 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90046) and check out our showroom! We have an experienced and knowledgable staff and we’d be delighted to help you select the right door for your home.

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