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Sliding Barn Doors | Tashman Home Center Los Angeles

Sliding Barn Doors have become a major interior design trend here in Los Angeles and through out the country.  But what’s so great about sliding barn doors and why are they popping up everywhere? At Tashman Home Center we did some research into the matter and have compiled a list of the most compelling reasons to install sliding barn doors in your home.

Space Efficiency

Los Angeles is a city of small apartments, small condos, small houses and more. Space efficiency is critical. Sliding barn doors make the best use of space because they need no room to swing outward when opening or closing.

Aesthetic Beauty

Sliding Barn Doors | Tashman Home Center Los AngelesThe term “sliding barn door” may sound dorky, but in reality, these doors are stylish and unlike the image of a barn door that probably pops into your mind when you read “barn door”, they can be easily tailored to the tastes of the homeowner. Sliding barn doors can rage from minimalistic and hip–perfect in contemporary settings, or constructed from repurposed antique doors or reclaimed wood, which makes them fitting in homes with a vintage or an eclectic flare.

Can Easily Be Installed During Remodel

Are you knocking down a wall during your upcoming remodel? Installing a sliding barn door over the new opening is an easy way to ensure privacy in your newly remodeled space.

Fits in Small Spaces

Suppose you have a small utility room packed full of fixtures like a sink, washing machine, dryer and more. If the space is too small, opening and closing a door could be difficult or even impossible. A sliding barn door makes it possible to have a door that closes without actually needing the space for the door to swing open and shut.

An Easy Fix for Doorless Entryways

Installing a properly fitting hinged door in a doorless entryway can be a pain, because doors need frames, hinges, a hole for the hardware and more. By contrast, a sliding barn door requires only the installation of the rail for the barn door to slide upon.

Covers Irregularly Shaped Doorways

Fitted doors for arched and other irregularly shaped doorways are expensive, because they have to be fitted to the size and shape of the door. Barn doors have the advantage of being a little more “one size fits all.” Regardless of the shape of the doorway, a sliding barn door will work, provided that it’s large enough.

Covers Built-in Shelves

Sliding barn doors are perfect for covering built-in shelving units. The sliding rails are simpler to install than hinged doors, and having the ability to cover your shelves enables you to leave your shelves a disorganized mess, even when company is coming.

Need more convincing? Take a look at the pictures of sliding barn doors on Houzz. You’ll see barn doors to match all tastes and interior designs.

Tashman Home Center

Tashman Home Center is your source for replacement windows and doors in  Los Angeles. We have a huge selection of windows and doors, including sliding barn doors. Don’t see what you need? What we don’t have we can order or custom design and fabricate! If you’re interested in purchasing a sliding barn door for your property, we encourage you to stop by Tashman Home Center (7769 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90046) or give us a call at (323) 498-2417 to set up an appointment.

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