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Simpson Interior Doors and Plastpro Entry Doors

In LA, most house designs have a touch and mix of modern and contemporary designs that gives a homier ambiance. But as with most places, people may feel a home’s welcoming atmosphere through its entrance doors. There are many different styles that people prefer for their home doors. Consider its size, color, designs and structure when purchasing. Some prefer a wider door, others like just a standard size one, some like their doors to have flashy colors, and others love those with light and glass panels.

simpson interior doors

But before you even decide on its aesthetics, what matters first should be the doors quality, whether these are made with glass, wood or fiber. In LA, most home owners prefer to have their homes with Simpson interior doors and Plastpro entry doors. With its very efficient quality, these are both quality choices in planning your purchase of your doors.

Plastpro Doors

Here are some of the advantages that you can acquire if you consider having your doors designed by them.

1. Both doors are energy efficient. Simpson doors are made of wood, while Plastpro doors are made of a fiber mix. Both of these materials are proven to be more efficient than other materials when it comes to insulation purposes. Wood doors are made up of open cells making it more difficult for it to produce heat, 400 times better than steel and 10 times better than concrete. On the other hand, fiber doors are also a good choice because they are resistant to conducting both cold and heat into your home. Fiber doors have unique, high density, making it a best insulator for homes.

2. These doors are both sustainable and environment friendly. Wood is considered as the most naturally renewable energy source. It is naturally a recurring raw material which is obtained from sustainable resources to make sure that there is less impact to the environment. Therefore making Simpson doors helpful in preserving and lessening undesirable environmental effects. For fiber doors of Plastpro, their products are compliant with the environmental protection agency regulations in promoting cleaner air and sustainability of their products. Since fiber is durable, it has a longer life span making it more eco-friendly and efficient.

3. These doors are both made with the latest technological advancement in door technology. Through modern means in technology, the companies were able to create and make tests for the doors when it comes to air, water, and structural performance to check the design’s capability against pressure. Durability over time and raw material quality against possible causes of door destruction is also a concern. They also have impact resistance tests that are also in code compliance with LA’s requirements for building codes. Also, through vertical integration, Plastpro is able to control the stages in developing their fiber doors, from the development stage, production, up to finishing and delivery of their products. Both companies are meticulous and detailed in maintaining high quality products and make sure that these consistently achieve their precise standards.

4. Both doors are made with consideration of indoor air quality for homes. These companies are not just after the aesthetics and outdoor protection of the home. They also consider what their doors can do to maintain and make sure that their products would not affect the air quality inside the houses. Simpson doors are made with no urea formaldehyde glues which is helpful for your indoor air quality. This glue is not being considered for usage by these companies because this is highly toxic to humans regardless of the means of intake. In a short period of exposure to such chemicals, humans may experience eye irritation, blurred vision, and nose and throat irritation. Both doors make sure that this kind of chemical is not on the list of their raw materials.
5. Both doors are fire-rated and fire safe. With the high quality of woods from Simpson and fiber from Plastpro, both door products are fire proof and safe. Aside from the good insulation both products have, they are compliant with the major fire code requirements on residential houses. From raw materials, designs and the tests being checked on products, these for sure give the assurance of high fire protection and safety from such doors.

6. Both door companies offer warranty for their products. It is quite unusual and uncommon for door products to have such warranty services but Simpson and Plastpro provide such support and service to all its customers, considering their agreed and stipulated regulations in claiming. Both companies provide high quality products, but as any other product, if a problem or concern arises, they can easily assess their provided products and assist the customers and their needs.

7. Both products are offered with prices and budgets in mind. Of course, in any purchases that we make, cost is the top consideration that we check. With the doors being offered by Simpson and Plastpro, their prices are reasonable enough with the high quality product they provided. This gives much more of a reason why our purchases are very good for you to buy.
Planning purchases for your home construction is a very difficult thing to do. From designs, interiors, up to doors and its many styles and choices. In making your decision on your door purchases, make sure to check out Simpson Doors and Plastpro Doors because they will give you the satisfaction and guarantee your home needs.

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