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Cold weather is here and so is the energy saving Eco-Heater 

Tashman Home Center is offering a wall-mounted convection heater that will warm your room while it saves you money-which will definitely warm your heart and pockets.

The Eco-Heater is the most economical (and stylish) stand-alone heater available today. It can warm a 10’x12′ room for approximately 3.5¢ per hour. It’s slim. Wall mounted. Provides zero trip hazard. It can  be painted to blend with your decor. It does not force air with a fan, but let’s heat rise out of the top of the heater. Its natural convection technology allows Eco-Heaters to be more efficient, effective and safer than radiators, fans, ceramic, gas and other types of heaters.

We are offering the Eco-Heater to our valued customers and their friends and family for a special pre-winter price. There is no limit to the number you can purchase. In fact, if you buy two or more, you’ll save more.

I am delighted to be able to offer you this wonderful heater at a great price. Stay warm.

Kindest personal regards,

Kenny Tashman, President

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