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It is starting to get cold herer in southern california with a chilly summer leading into a cold winter.  Not actual cold of course, it never freezes or snows but still it can get a bit frigid.

Thankfully there have been enormous improvements in the space heating industry.


from the wood burning behemouth to the radiant heater:

And now the latest most efficient way to heat a room: Convection heaters. The brand we sell is called the Eco-Heater.

ECO-heaters are wall-mounted electric convection space heaters that use less than 1/3 of the energy typical space heaters use. An environmentally-responsible alternative to 1,500 watt space heaters, an ECO-heater heats a 120 square foot space using only 400 watts. ECO-heaters are less than 24″ square, and are mounted 3/4″ off the wall to create a convection heat channel. The air between the wall and the panel is heated and rises, drawing cool air from the floor, thus silently circulating warm air throughout the room. ECO-heaters are easy to install, can be painted to match any décor, and plug into a standard outlet. Contact us to learn more!


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