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The Big One Is Coming …

The big one is coming! You’ve heard that before right? If you’re like all of the rest of us, you’ve been hearing about the arrival of the big one every time there’s a tremor.

We don’t know if or when the big one is coming—but little ones are sure to happen. As someone who could be significantly impacted by even a small quake, it would be wise to be prepared. Below are 10 ways that you can get your home ready for the big one, the little ones, and whatever medium-sized earthquakes happen in between.

Earthquake Straps

Earthquake straps are exactly what they sound like: thick, durable straps that can be attached to your furniture and then bolted directly into the wall. We recommend earthquake straps for securing tall items like shelves, cabinets, armoires and more.

Earthquake Putty

This product is kind of sticky tack. It’s best used for attaching potted plants, vases and collectibles to shelves. During an earthquake, earthquake putty prevents breakables from covering your floor in broken shards.

Buy a Disaster Pack and Water

When the North Ridge quake hit in 1994, tens of thousands of people were without public water for days. There were fires and gas leaks, roadways were blocked, buildings collapsed. If such a thing were to happen again, a good disaster pack with fresh water, food and medical supplies could keep you hydrated and fed while waiting for FEMA.

Take Big Things Down From Top Shelves

Big boxes and other heavy items can fall from high places and hurt people. Keep your heavy items off the top shelves to prevent them from falling on someone’s head.

Earthquake Latches on Cabinets

Earthquake latches are designed to let you use your cabinets normally on a day to day basis. If an earthquake hits, the latches are activated and the cabinets lock. These ingenious little devices can save you hundreds of dollars in replacement dishes and glasses.

Water Heater Earthquake Strap

When a water heater falls over it can cause a flood and a gas line to break. Your water heater may already have one strap, but laws have changed since the 1994 quake, when lots of water heaters with only one strap still managed to fall over. The recommended number of water heater earthquake straps for your water heater is now two.

Secure Television to TV Stand

Your television can be secured to its TV stand with a pair of straps that prevent the TV from falling over.

Earthquake Picture Hooks

Earthquake picture hooks make it easy to hang a heavy picture or mirror on the wall, but much harder to get that picture or mirror back off the wall. Picture hooks make sure whatever you put on your wall manages to stay there.

Earthquake Shutoff Valve

Earthquake shutoff valves turn off your gas line in the event of a seismic emergency. This prevents gas from leaking around your home and can stop a fire on your property.

Bolt Down Overhead Light Fixtures

This is a good way to stop your lights from falling down all around you. We recommend bolting down your ceiling fans, as well.

Tashman Home Center

So, where are you going to get all this stuff? Tashman Home Center, of course. We’ve been in West Hollywood for over 50 years and we’ve lived through and know earthquakes. We have over 20,000 items in stock every day and if you need something special, we’ll be happy to order it. We also have a knowledgable staff of trained professionals that can help you find the products you need and offer advice on how to prepare you home for that potential quake.

For much more information on earthquakes and “what you can do” and “how you can do it, ” please check out Earthquake Preparedness.

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