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You will find many architecturally and historically-significant homes in Los Feliz. If you are one of the fortunate owners of a Los Feliz home that boasts historic windows as a main feature, it’s time to seriously consider wood window replacement, repair, or restoration if your windows don’t function properly, or, if your windows show signs of aging and damage.

Tashman Home Center is a leading authority regarding this most important decision regarding how to remedy your historic window issues. Deteriorating windows decrease the value of a home in addition to contributing to air leaks and high energy bills.  Historic wood window replacement, by Tashman’s, offers immediate results by renewing a home’s aesthetics – inside and outside – in addition to preventing air seepage. This results in an immediate increase in your home’s market value, lower energy costs, enhanced curb appeal, and less demand on your HVAC system, thereby prolonging its lifespan.

Tashman Home Center – We’re All About Helping Los Feliz Homeowners

If your Los Feliz home is part of a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone or HPOZ, you will want expert guidance to help you navigate the HPOZ approval process.  To ensure all legal matters are fully satisfied, you want access to a certified HPOZ vendor – Tashman possesses a thorough understanding of the processes and mandates associated with HPOZ guidelines.  Our team assists Los Feliz homeowners as well as homeowners throughout the entire Los Angeles metro area.

Helping to Navigate the HPOZ Process Is What We Do

You can rely on Kim Tashman and her expert team to carry out the critical role of ensuring Los Feliz homeowners understand the detailed nuances of HPOZ rules and regulations. Tashman’s helps many homeowners navigate their way through the HPOZ approval process to ensure any historic wood window replacement projects can proceed, unencumbered. Kim holds a Master’s Degree from the USC School of Architecture in Historic Preservation/Heritage Conservation.

The HPOZ Process – It’s Our Forte

Los Angeles has 30 designated Historic Preservation Overlay Zones!  These zones include a myriad of neighborhoods consisting of 25,000 properties as well as 15 additional neighborhoods that are currently applying for HPOZ designation.

Any noteworthy modifications to homes within an HPOZ must be fully approved by the HPOZ Board.  If your Los Feliz neighborhood is officially deemed a historic district, the Tashman team is ready to help you meet the HPOZ guidelines and determine if your historic wood window replacement project must adhere to HPOZ guidelines.  Our team will provide all the necessary information you will need to move forward.

HPOZ board meeting/city-approval procedures, architectural-layout design approvals, and customary layouts and the various steps involved can make any Los Feliz homeowner feel overwhelmed, but Tashman’s is here to help.  The Los Angeles Historic Preservation Overlay Zone ordinance was passed in 1979, permitting a neighborhood to petition for designation as a historic district. Once designations are approved, any substantial modifications of homes within the zone must receive official approval from a panel that makes up the HPOZ Board: residents, a Realtor, a contractor, and an architect.

The HPOZ ensures appropriate modifications are embedded within historic structures, and it equips Los Feliz property owners with financial and technical tools that give historic structures renewed beauty and enhanced market value.

Tashman’s Professional Installation and Repair

When it comes to historic wood window replacement as part of Tashman’s customized, professional window and door installation, Tashman Home Center (Contractor License #298720) utilizes, only, in-house crews.  Our installers are seasoned experts, and we never hire third-party subcontractors!  The replacement and installation of windows and doors are guaranteed by a warranty, and if we do the installation, our Los Feliz clients have the assurance that our work is done right the first time.

Our attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship are reflected in every window and door we install. The Tashman team has the credentials, experience, and talent when dealing with appropriate alterations for any structure within an HPOZ.

An American Success Story Covering More than 6 Decades 

Since 1961, the Tashman family has called the City of West Hollywood home.  Four generations of Tashmans have contributed to the business’s ongoing reputation and operation as an undisputed authority regarding screen, door, glass, and window installation, repair, and replacement. Historic wood window and door replacement remain our specialized expertise.

Why Do Residents of Los Feliz Select Tashman’s?

At Tashman’s, pursuing excellence is our mission, and our customer-centric approach means:

We value ethics – Tashman’s stellar reputation reflects who we are, what we value, and how we have continued to operate for more than 60 years.  Our work is guaranteed for up to five years. We stand behind every screen, door, glass, or window we install!  Our customers in Los Feliz and the Los Angeles metro area trust our products, our procedures, and our promises!

We care about the ‘little’ things – Attention to detail is of the utmost importance to us. During any historic wood window replacement procedure, we ensure every detail aligns with the highest standards of workmanship. Our Los Feliz customers can rest assured that the work we do is done correctly the first time – guaranteed.

We demand quality – We partner with only the finest manufacturers and offer only high-quality products for our customers within the LA metro area. 

We carry a vast selection – Tashman’s proudly partners with three primary historic window brands: Paramount, Western and Lincoln. In addition, we install windows of every type – wood, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, vinyl, and sound-proof windows, on-site. 

Connect with Your Neighborhood Tashman Team Today!

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