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CitiQuiet Soundproof Windows | Tashman Replacement Windows Los Angeles

Why Soundproof Windows?

Soundproof windows are the ideal solution for noise, Maybe you’re one of those people who lives right along the 405. Perhaps you have a luxury condo on the beach and are forced to live with music from boom boxes half the time. Or maybe you live in the shadow of LAX. Whether it’s traffic, sirens, dogs barking, helicopters circling overhead or noisy neighbors, if the quality of your life and particularly the ability to get a good night’s sleep is important to you, soundproof windows will make the experience of living in your home a thousand times more pleasant.

Soundproof windows can also raise your property value because they’re desirable for buyers who are also concerned about outdoor noise. Equally important, soundproof windows are a significant benefit to your health.

Here are 10 reasons to consider soundproof windows:

  1. Eliminate up to 95% of existing noise
  2. Offers a 99% reduction in dirt and drafts
  3. Installed into the existing window opening
  4. No alteration or construction required to your present windows
  5. Fully operable and completely removable
  6. No building approval required
  7. Energy Efficient – Thermal, moisture and humidity control
  8. Promote quality of life, productivity, and a lower stress level
  9. Add market value to your property
  10. 100% satisfaction guarantee
  11. Offers a 99% reduction in dirt and drafts

Noise & Your Health

The fact is, noise is bad for your health! It is universally accepted that sleep disturbances and disruptions can cause many health problems including changes in mood, increased stress, reduced productivity and diminished alertness.

Sleep deprivation can also lead to serious illness such as heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses. Even one night’s lost sleep can interfere with safely performing everyday tasks. Because sleep is so important, hospitals have installed soundproof windows because of the proven importance of sleep in speeding healing and hastening recovery from surgery and illness.

How Do Soundproof Windows Work

Soundproof Window Installation | Tashman Home Center Soundproof windowsWorking in conjunction with your existing windows, soundproof windows can be installed in bedrooms, living rooms, conference rooms, and a whole host of other loacations. They are made from extra thick glass that helps to block out the sound. In addition to the added mass of the window, soundproof windows generally have a larger space between window panes, and the panes themselves are made from glass that has been laminated on both sides. For more information about how soundproof windows work, take a look at the CitiQuiet FAQ page.

Soundproofing and Energy Efficiency

The additional benefits of soundproof windows is their thermal values. In the winter months, they will cut down on the draft and the cold coming into your home or your office and you’ll save money on energy costs. In the summer months, they will cut down on the heat coming into your home or office and you’ll  again save on energy costs. In addition, soundproof windows can be made even more energy efficient with the installation of a low-E coating on the glass.

CitiQuiet & KennyQuiet Soundproof Windows

Tashman Home Center specializes in creating custom made soundproof windows. We are the Los Angeles representative for CitiQuiet Windows, the leading designer, manufacturer of Soundproof Window Systems. We also make our own soundproof windows here at Tashman, which we call “KennyQuiet” in honor of our fearless leader, Kenny Tashman.

CitiQuiet and KennyQuiet windows are available for viewing in our store. If you would like to learn more about soundproof windows, please give us a call at (323) 498-2417 to set up an appointment or stop by Tashman Home Center (7769 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90046). We have an experienced and knowledgable staff and we’d be delighted to introduce you to the silence of soundproof windows.

In addition, should you decided to add soundproof windows to your existing windows, we’re here to make sure they’re properly installed. Tashman is a licensed contractor (Lic # 298720) as well as a certified Installation Master specializing in replacing windows and doors.

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