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Deciding to remodel or renovate a home or rental property can be a daunting undertaking so we, as long time contractors, have some advice to help get the job done right, on time, and on budget.

Make a comprehensive plan

  • Start by identifying the concrete goals of the project such as beauty, energy efficiency, or noise reduction.
  • Look for ideas online. Websites like Houzz or Pinterest can give some great design ideas.
  • Take your time. People renovate on average every 8-10 years so planning carefully is very important.
  • Tashman Home Center is committed to working with the client to realize their goals.

Find someone you can trust

  • A trustworthy and reliable contractor makes all the difference in any installation.
  • A good contractor is not just someone doing a job, they are working on your valuable property and they should be a resource for years to come.
  • A good contractor will be insured, licensed, bonded and should volunteer that information immediately if asked.
  • A good contractor will give you an accurate estimate including all materials and labor. If the cost of the jobs changes, the new cost should be discussed before going ahead with work.
  • There are lots of stories about bad contractors overcharging, stealing, and generally doing poor quality work. Fairly often people will come to Tashman Home Center to finish or fix a poorly done job which is unfortunate because the original budget is shot.
  • Check referral sites like Yelp, Google+ and Angie’s List.


Get everything in writing

  • In the days of yore a handshake was a person’s word and bond. In today’s highly litigious society, a contract is absolutely necessary.
  • The length of the job, the completion date, and the primary contact person are all things that should be clear in the contract.

Some things about quality

  • However much money you spend on high quality triple pane windows, if the installation is not done properly the quality won’t matter.
  • Installers should set up a clean area for all materials and tools and protect your property well with tarps, drop clothes and protective gear.
  • Installers should have quality power tools, workmen without tape measures is a red flag.
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