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California is one of the leading states and Los Angeles is one of the leading cities in the country when it comes to bed bug infestation. The resurfacing of the reddish-brown bedbug has become a big problem. The bug was widespread throughout the US during the 1900s but was exterminated after the advent of DDT, or so we thought. The pesky insects are back hungrier than ever!

Where do they live?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the bugs are everywhere: apartments, college dormitories, shelters, houses, trains, and buses. And did you ever think that you might need bed bug treatment for your car?

They are hard to detect

These bugs are not your normal average bedbugs. They are not deterred by lights and will even bite you during the day. And their bites are painless!

Bad news for property managers

If you thought the bedbug invasion was bad enough, the new bedbug laws in California are giving landlords sleepless nights. In response to the many “bedbug” litigation filed by tenants, the legislature was compelled to come up with new amendments to the bedbug laws. They include.

  • Civil Code §1942.5

It prohibits you from retaliating against the tenant if they give notice of suspected bedbug infestation. If the tenant makes any complaints, you cannot evict them for any reason whatsoever, including rent nonpayment until you clear the matter up entirely. This means that bed bugs treatment can no longer be taken lightly.

  • Civil Code §1954.602

It prohibits you from showing or leasing out any property that is bedbug infested. You are not obligated to inspect for bedbugs. But if the bugs exist, it will be assumed that you had knowledge of it. To be on the safe side, contact a bed bugs treatment company to inspect and make sure that your property has no bug issues.

  • Civil Code §1954.603

It requires you to issue out a bedbug notice to new tenants on and after 1st July 2017 and to existing tenants before 1st January 2018.

Is bed bugs treatment effective?

Not every method of bed bugs treatment is effective. Getting rid of bedbugs is not easy because most bugs have developed a resistance to pesticides. Tashmans’ carries a trusted bed bug treatment products that eliminate all types of bedbugs and other creepy things in your home. Come see us today or call us at 323-498-2417 to get rid of the bedbug problem once and for all.

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