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When a neighborhood is designated as an HPOZ, also known as a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone, it means that all homes in this area are subject to certain planning rules. Under the LA HPOZ Program, any new houses or home projects need to complement the area’s historic style and character.

This means there are stricter planning guidelines, but HPOZs come with benefits like property tax reduction and better neighborhood maintenance. Read on to learn more about these zones.

What Are Historic Preservation Overlay Zones?

A Historic Preservation Overlay Zone is a type of historic district. This zoning designation is designed to protect neighborhoods that have architecturally and historically significant buildings. HPOZs typically protect single-family residential neighborhoods. Each HPOZ will have its own Preservation Plan, boundary map, and individual district ordinance.

Houses in an HPOZ are classified into contributing and non-contributing houses. Contributing houses are those that date back to the period of significance for the neighborhood. These houses do not have any major alterations or additions which change their historic integrity. On the other hand, non-contributing houses may have major changes or have been constructed after the period of significance.

If you live in an HPOZ and want to make some changes or additions to your home, you will need to consult approved historic preservation overlay zone approved vendors like Tashman Home Center. They will know, understand and identify correct building materials and styles that will suit your home needs and requirements to meet the HPOZ rules and guidelines. They can help you with the HPOZ process and requirements from start to finish.

Each HPOZ will have its own board for setting neighborhood guidelines and approving applications for renovations and or additions. A board is composed of five people, and each group must have one architect, and one contractor or real estate agent.

How Many HPOZs Are In Los Angeles?

Presently, there are 35 Historic Preservation Overlay Zones in Los Angeles. Angelino Heights is LA’s oldest HPOZ, having been established in September 1983. While not all neighborhoods qualify for HPOZ status as this tool is primarily for single-family neighborhoods, they may qualify under conservation district rules which also help preserve historic integrity.

What Does HPOZ Vendor Mean?

HPOZ vendors are those that help homeowners navigate the HPOZ approval process and provide their expertise for historically accurate materials and fixtures. Approved HPOZ vendors like Tashman Home Center typically provide drawings of the fixtures that are compliant with HPOZ standards. They will also have the necessary documents for consulting guidelines and getting HPOZ board approval.

Apart from overseeing the design and making sure they follow the historic preservation rules, they will also design the building materials and provide them for the custom installation. This is to ensure that any renovations or additions are allowed and approved without a hitch.


Living in an HPOZ area can have many benefits, but you will need to follow its rules if you want to make some repairs or changes to your home. If you are thinking of giving your house a fixer-upper and you live in an HPOZ location, consult an approved HPOZ vendor to ensure that your changes will be approved quickly and with little fuss!

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