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Replacement windows for historic homes can be a challenge. People generally consider replacing historic windows when they break or are no longer functional, if they become energy inefficient or if they are aesthetically unappealing. Replacement windows for old houses are different from standard replacement windows.

When updating windows on historic properties it is important to find appropriate products to maintain the proper authentic aesthetics while also giving the homeowner the benefits of new materials. Milgard® Essence Series® windows are an excellent choice for historic properties. The wood interiors of Essence Series help keep the integrity and the historic aspect of the windows and also provide energy efficiency. At the same time, the fiberglass exterior reduces the maintenance of the windows.

What is HPOZ?

An HPOZ is a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone, also known as a historic district. Per this preservation program, exterior changes to properties in these zones need to follow the rules laid out by the same.

How did HPOZ come into being?

The idea behind the conception of the Los Angeles HPOZ arose from the need to preserve historically important structures, cultural and architectural properties. The way the HPOZ works is,

  • Regions are identified as containing such resources
  • Areas are adopted as an HPOZ by the City Planning Commission and the City Council through a zone change process. As a part of this procedure, all property owners are notified of this change
  • Most types of exterior changes or enhancements to properties in an HPOZ require written approval from the Planning Department

What steps to take if you want to make changes to your property in an HPOZ area?

  • Research online about HPOZ extensively
  • Contact an HPOZ Planner
  • He will review the project and
  • Guide you through the HPOZ approval process

Please note, the HPOZ Board does not review all projects.

One of the most important things that you have to keep in mind while planning for changes / enhancements to your property in an HPOZ area is that you need to make sure that the change does not alter the historic character of your property.

Historic wood windows form an integral part of the resources in an HPOZ area, and need to be restored. Traditional and historic wood window manufacturers meet the demand for HPOZ wood windows in such areas.

Having your property in an HPOZ area has quite a few advantages. Although your property is subject to additional review processes, the value of your property is much more than similar ones outside the area. There is a sense of community pride, being in an area considered to be a historic district. Also, per the Mills Act program, you are eligible to enter into a contract with the City that can help you enjoy substantial property tax savings.

Tashman Home Center is an Approved HPOZ Vendor

At Tashman Home Center, we are committed to providing home improvement services that includes areas protected by HPOZ. Reach out to us today at (323) 230-3678 to learn more about our services for your home or come visit us at Tashman Home Center, your friendly neighborhood ACE hardware store.

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