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Lighting up the darkness transforms your home into a livable space. Making the correct choice in lighting is important. Read on to get tips on how to pick the best light bulb for your home. 

#1 Functionality – Select light bulbs according to the specific needs. You can choose general, task or accent lighting. For example:

  • Choose general lighting for chandeliers and pendant lights for overall lighting 
  • Task lighting for desk lamps and under-cabinet kitchen lights to light up a work area more brightly than the rest of the room
  • Accent lighting or wall lights and landscape lights to create a dramatic effect, highlighting a particular area like a bookcase or a work of art.

#2 Space – Think about the kind of lighting you need in different rooms. For instance, your bedroom can have a combination of ambient and task lighting, your living room can have a combination of accent and ambient lighting and so on.

#3 Select the right light bulbs – Different light bulbs perform differently and are used according to your requirements. 

  • Energy-efficient lighting – CFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs) and LEDs are energy-efficient options that last longer, emit a cooler tone and are less hot to touch. Use these new, modern lights instead of the traditional incandescent bulbs. 
  • Halogens – Great for task lighting, halogens emit a bright, white light.
  • Incandescent Lights – These traditional light bulbs emit a warm glow and are slowly phasing out as the energy-efficient new light bulbs are becoming more popular.

#4 Choose your fixtures – The right fixture ensures optimization of the lighting fixtures option that you have chosen. Some common fixtures include wall mount and ceiling mount, depending on the design of your room and the light bulb that you have chosen.

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