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Fiberglass windows offer better insulation and more reliability than any other material available. Unfortunately, fiberglass windows come with limitations when it comes to their color palette. Milgard offers some excellent choices in their Essence and Ultra fiberglass window lines. But, they may not be available in the color you are looking for.

So, if you love the benefits of a fiberglass window, but cannot find a color that will suit your needs, or are simply looking to give your windows a new look, there is a solution. You can paint your fiberglass windows! To make sure that your newly painted fiberglass windows look their best, here are some tips to help you along the way.

Plan and Prepare

Milgard Series Wood WindowsIn order to get the perfect finish on your window, it is important that you pay attention to the temperature and humidity. You need to make sure that the relative humidity is less than 60%, and temperatures should be between 65°F and 90°F. Painting in the right temperatures will keep droplets of water from getting trapped in the paint which will result in a dull and imperfect finish.

Preparing the surface is perhaps the most important step to painting your windows. Use a fine grain wet sandpaper to rough up the surface just enough for the paint to have something to adhere to. Once sanding is done, you are ready to apply the primer. The primer will act as a bonding agent between the fiberglass surface and the finishing paint.

Apply Your Color

In general, it is recommended that you use a sprayer to paint your fiberglass windows. Applying the paint with a sprayer will make sure that your color is applied in uniform layers. Start from the middle of the window and slowly move to the outside edges for an even coat.

When using a spray gun, you will need to apply multiple coats. After the first coat is applied, you will need to do a light, wet-sanding and cleaning before you apply the second coat. Sanding between coats of paint will make sure the layers are not too thick, preventing drips and an uneven appearance.

Tashman Home Center

Come in to Tashman Home Center for your supplies and equipment! We also install windows and doors on a regular basis, and know some projects can be a bit tricky. If you find something daunting and need advice, we are here to assist. We can also install Milgard fiberglass windows for you. Drop by today to see how we might help you with your current project or dial (323) 909-6553 to get a free estimate!

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