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Dear Valued Customers,

Spring is a great time of year to catch up on your home repairs.  The winter rains have distressed youy exterior paint.

Check the trim on your doors, windows, and eaves–Crunching or splitting wood is a good indication of a needed paint job.

Tashman’s now carries a Hybrid enamel paint from LifePaint that is an excellent choice given the environmental restrictions placed on all paint manufacturers in LA County.

Oil based paints are no longer available and this is really a good thing for the environment as well as for the air quality of your home.  In addition, the amount of oil in those paints was not enough to make them significantly better than other options.

The new Hybrid Alkyd Enamels allow flexibility and great adhesion.  They will not crack from extreme temperature swings and they flow and spread so easily, the finish is like glass.


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