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historic replacement windows

Los Angeles is made up of a number of truly great neighborhoods. Many of these areas are amazingly intact historic areas. Many windows in the LA Historic District are wood framed and range from simple to single hung to specialty shapes. These historic windows can also include leaded and stained glass inlays. Restoring historic wood windows is an aesthetically sound idea, not to mention, eco-friendly.

Preservation and Restoration

Los Angeles recognizes the need to protect the historic features in these neighborhoods. In order to preserve the distinct architecture and cultural resources of these historic buildings, the City Planning Commission and City Council has designated Historic Preservation Overlay Zones. Currently, there are 30 HPOZ neighborhoods with many more areas being considered. Restoring wood windows or replacing them not only preserve the beautiful historic look and feel of your home, these windows can define the character of the home.

HPOZ Approved

Tashman Home Center can help with your historic replacement windows. As an approved HPOZ vendor, our professional staff can help you gather information and manage the approval process that is needed for restoring wood windows in an HPOZ home. In addition, the Los Angeles Conservancy has approved Tasman Home Center as a Resource Professional for HPOZ areas. Regardless if you are replacing or restoring your historic wood windows, Tashman Home Center has all your needs covered.

Discover the Difference with Tashman Home Center

If you have questions about your HPOZ wood windows, contact us today! With over 40 years of experience, we can provide all the documentation needed for your HPOZ historic wood window replacement approval. This includes drawings, samples, designs and more. We can oversee the designing and fabrication of your historic replacement windows. Our professional team members can also provide custom installation for the windows in your historic Los Angeles home.

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