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Guarda/Meshtec Premium Security Screen Doors and Windows are world-class quality products that help protect your family while also providing unobtrusive views of the outdoors.

If you own property in the LA area, you’re probably aware of how important it is to have attractive, secure doors and windows. In this post, we’ll be profiling our favorite steel security window screens and doors made by Guarda™, one of the brand-name leaders in steel security screen systems.

Guarda™ Steel Security Screen Windows & Doors are Indestructible

If you’ve ever dropped in on the crime mapping website, you already know that there are a lot of criminals in Los Angeles–or perhaps just a few criminals who are really, really busy. Either way, if you live in LA, you know that you could become the victim of a break-in at any time. With Guarda™ steel security screen windows & doors, that’s far less likely.

Take a look at this video:

As you can see, Guarda™ security doors will stand up to anything. Shoulder rams. Sledgehammers. Karate kicks.

Crazy, destructive people in LA do a lot of bad things. They break into homes, steal cars, and even try to run their girlfriends over and end up crashing into restaurants. That’s why a Guarda™ security screen door is so critical. Because if some crazy guy tries to run over his girlfriend and ends up driving into your home, you’re going to want something tough enough to keep him out of your living room.

Let In Breeze, Keep Out West Nile

In 2015, there were 737 human cases of West Nile virus in California, and 252 of them were in LA County. That’s over 1/3 of all the cases in the entire state. As an LA resident, you’re at risk for West Nile, and the only way to truly protect yourself is to avoid getting bitten by mosquitos. Guarda™ security doors have a screen that helps to keep out the bugs, while still letting in the fresh ocean breezes.

They’re Also Absolutely Beautiful

You’ve probably seen big, clunky, traditional security screen doors all over LA. They’re secure, yes, but they can also make your home dark and dreary. They let in little light but seeing out of them is difficult.

Guarda™/Meshtec – Attractive, Indestructible & 10 Year Warranty

Guarda/Meshtec products are available in a wide range of configurations and colors to suit your personal requirements. Guarda/Meshtec is architecturally designed to easily incorporate into general doors and windows, whether aluminum, UPVC or wood framed, for both new and existing properties. Meshtec Screen Mesh Warranty is for 10 years from the date of the original invoice.

If you’d like to download a PDF Brochure describing Guarda’s™ Mexhtec Security Screen Windows & Doors, please CLICK HERE

Guarda™ Screen Door Configuration

Hinged Doors

Hinged security doors are often the first line of defense for the home owner.

Double/Single Sliding Doors

Many homes incorporate one or more sliding doors as access to entertainment areas, back yards, and patios.

French Doors

The heavy duty hinges also lend a practical aspect by ensuring snug closure.

Bi-Fold Doors

While closed allows an abundance of natural light into your home with easy accessibility through a single operating door.


Patio enclosures allow you to secure an exterior area, making it insect proof, with floor to ceiling screens.

Stacker Door

Sliding Stacker doors open your home up to your entertainment area within seconds without taking up any interior or exterior space.

Tashman Home Center

If you like to learn more about Guarda™ Steel Security Screen Windows & Doors, please give us a call at (323) 498-2417 to set up an appointment or stop by Tashman Home Center (7769 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90046). We have an experienced and knowledgable staff and we’d be delighted to introduce you to this exceptional steel security screen system. You can also learn more about this product on our website.

In addition, if you decided to replace your existing window screens or screen doors with a Guarda™ steel security screen system, we’re here to make sure they’re properly installed. Tashman is a licensed contractor (Lic # 298720) as well as a certified Installation Master specializing in replacing windows and doors.

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