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Patio screen doors may need replacing for any number of reasons. Maybe the seal leaks every time it rains or the door no longer slides easily open and close. Whatever the reason behind why you need to call in for professional patio screen replacement for your home’s doors, one of the first things undoubtedly on your mind is the cost. The following is a quick look at some of the major factors that will impact replacement costs and things to consider as you move forward with this exciting home improvement project:

Factors That Go Into How Much it Costs for Patio Door Screen Replacement

  • Swinging vs. sliding patio doors. What type of patio door you have or what type of door you want to get will make a big impact on total costs. The two main types of doors are those that swing open — either from the center or from the left or right — and those that slide across. In general, swinging doors are more expensive than sliding patio doors.
  • Door material. Patio doors come in comprised of three primary materials: Wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. Each material has its pros and cons and each varies in cost and ease of replacement. For example, wood is a gorgeous material with a lot of style and charm, but it’s also more expensive and requires continual upkeep. Additionally, if you are looking to just to do a screen replacement on torn or otherwise worn screens, it can be harder and more expensive on old wooden patio doors. That’s because wood patio doors have a tendency to warp due to extended exposure to heat and water making screen replacement a harder task.
  • Screen material. There are a lot of different screen materials for homeowners and property owners to choose from. There are patio screens that offer premier solar protection, ones designed to filter out pollen and dust, ones to enhance visibility while maintaining bug protection, and screens designed to both improve visibility and privacy. What screen you choose for your patio door screen replacement will impact final costs.

Check Out All the Options at Tashman’s

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