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Does your window or door need a screen replacement? Has it been damaged beyond repair?
Window and door screens are designed to cover the opening, without blocking the flow of fresh air and maintaining the view. A screen is usually a mesh stretched in a frame of metal or wood. It can be made of a wide variety of materials, including metal wire, fiberglass, aluminum, synthetic fiber etc. For door screens, nylon and polyester is often used as materials with greater strength are required.

Why is window screen replacement needed?

Some factors that can lead to the need for screen replacement include:

  • Water damage caused by sprinklers or continually damp areas
  • Low quality frame, corner, and screen mesh
  • Usage – how often is the screen moved
  • Structure – whether it is well-built or flimsy
  • Environment – how much it is exposed to the sun, severe weather or close to the ocean
  • Pets – damage caused them

Window Screen Replacement in Los Angeles Area

Are you looking for professional door and window screen replacement in Los Angeles? Your search ends here!

We, at Tashman’s, provide replacement window and door screens to both commercial and residential customers. Located here in Los Angeles area since 1961, we have the perfect, high-quality products to replace your damaged screen or door.

We also replace pet screens with pet-proof insect screening which is puncture-resistant and tear-proof from cats and dogs.

Why opt for Tashman’s window screen replacement Los Angeles?

Our window screens are:

  • Made in USA
  • Available in a wide selection of mesh variations, features and colors
  • Made from stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, polyester, fiber glass, polyester
  • Replaced by our crew and not subcontractors
  • Available in custom-made shapes and sizes

Our experts are certified installation masters, guaranteeing you a hassle-free experience. We pride ourselves in fast service and customer satisfaction, working within your time constraints to deliver the best screen replacement services in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Do Your Need New Window Screens? Ask Our Team at Tashman Home Center

Are you ready to get started with selecting the best door and window screen systems for your household? Come down and browse our wide selection of window screen replacement Los Angeles! You may also call our window screen repair and installation masters at (323) 285-3063.

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