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Selecting the Right Window Screen

A lot of home improvement sites and home designers emphasize the importance of finding windows that match home styling and good efficiency. But what often gets lost in this discussion is the right type of window screen to pair once you pick the right type of window for your house. This is especially important in warm weather regions like Southern California where you want to enjoy fresh breezes but not insect invasions. Of course, not all window screens are the same. Here’s what you should know about selecting the right window screen for your home:

3 Tips on Picking the Right Window Screens for Your Household

  1. Find the design that complements your home. Window screens come in just as many designs as windows themselves. Before you head down to the home improvement store, take some pictures of your house and windows both from the inside and outside. You should then search out screens that would best match the home’s intended design. For example, wooden screens are a great choice for cottage-like homes while a wrought iron screen would be a good fit for more traditional and Victorian style homes.
  2. Consider your household pets and family. Some people think that they can’t have window screens if they have a dog that loves to scratch at the front door or a cat that kills every blind in the house. Not true. Households with pets and young kids can still enjoy all the benefits of door and window screens, so long as they are comprised of a more durable material. Additionally, make sure screens are securely installed and check them once a month to check they stay securely fitted.
  3. Check privacy features. A quality window screen improves your indoor environment and your privacy. While you browse the window screen department, look for products that include a three-point locking system or ones that enable you to add your own padlock on the interior for the best in protection. While less necessary here in California, there are options that allow you to remove the panels so that you might switch materials depending upon the weather (i.e. the use of shatter-proof glass panels during the colder months of winter).

Need Personalized Help? Ask Our Team at Tashman Home Center

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