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slide clear retractable screen doors

One of the best things about living in Southern California is the beautiful weather, but enjoying those warm coastal breezes and the fresh airflow can be a bit difficult if you live in a condo or have a traditional home. Thankfully, there is an easy solution to this! The installation of Slide Clear retractable screen doors.

The Basics of a Retractable Screen Door

Slide Clear retractable screen doors are a unique addition to your home’s exterior-leading doors. These screens are installed at the edge of the door where they can be pulled out across the threshold and then easily retracted back in and stored when not in use. Think of these systems similar to blinds that slide out and can be latched securely over the doorway’s opening.

Have French double doors? No problem. Slide Clear offers two-part retractable screen doors that meet in the middle so that you can enjoy double the breezes and view. The Slide Clear retractable screen doors boast a fine meshing that keeps insects, leaves, and other things outside while allowing in natural breezes.

Why Choose Slide Clear Retractable Screen Doors

Don’t own your home? Thanks to the seamless install of Slide Clear retractable screen doors, they are fully compatible with most California condo and HOA leasing agreements. Each Slide Clear door screen retracts into a device about the size of a baseball bat that can be easily mounted on the door hinges that are on the opposite side of the door’s opening swing.

Worried about an odd-sized doorway? Not a problem with Slide Clear retractable screen doors! The hardware for these units can be custom fabricated and positioned to perfectly match the size of any door height. Large sized and double wide doors are no problem. At Tashman Home Center our team is happy to help you determine the perfect size fit retractable screen doors for your home and then install them so that you and the rest of your household can enjoy all the benefits of these new units as soon as possible

Visit Us at Tashman Home Center & Get Started Today

Start transforming your home’s look and air quality today by visiting us today at Tashman Home Center. Our Southern California stores are proud to offer a wide selection of Slide Clear retractable screen doors for you to choose from and our team is here to ensure you get that perfect fit and look.

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