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custom window screens

Windows give a home gorgeous natural light and offer the perfect view of the scenes just outside. If you have taken the time to choose the perfect windows for your home, why not take the extra step and choose the right window screen for those windows?

The importance of a quality window screen cannot be overstated. These screens offer a variety of features to choose from and can be tailored to fit your specific and individual needs. It is necessary to assess your specific needs to discover the features that will best suit your home.

Considerations for Choosing Custom Window Screens

When choosing the custom window screens for your home, think about what you need from them. Do you have pets that love to sit on the window but still you are concerned for their safety?  Are you merely looking for decorative screens or adjustable screens that let in more of the outdoors? Figuring out what level of performance you need from your screens will help you to choose the perfect fit for your windows.

Regardless of the type of custom window screens you choose for your home, you should consider this: the custom window screens for your home are only as good as the level of installation quality. Improper installation will essentially render your new screens useless.

Why Choose Tashman’s for Your Custom Window Screens

Tashman’s can design and manufacture custom window screens for your home – no matter what size or shape your window or door opening is. You can choose aluminum or wood framing for your custom window screens, giving you the design flexibility to perfectly match the exterior of your home. And if the framed look just is not what you are looking for, there are frameless options available!

Our inventory offers a broad range of screen mesh, including:



For more information on repairing or replacing your screens with custom window screens from Tashman’s, use contact us or give us a ring at (323) 498-2417 today!

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