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With the warmer weather coming around, now is a great time to take a walk around your home and take stock of your doors and windows. After all, undoubtedly you’ll be wanting to open them up more often to get some fresh spring and summer breezes in. But what if they are in some rough condition and in need of screen replacement? The following is a quick look at some of the factors that can impact a screen’s lifespan, what they need maintenance-wise to increase that lifespan, and where you can find window screen replacement near you:

A Few Factors That Impact How Long a Window Screen Will Last

  • Structure or how well built it is
  • The type of meshing, i.e. steel vs aluminum
  • How often it’s used
  • How often it gets wet from either sprinklers or rain
  • How frequently it gets used and by whom (dogs, cats, and children all can do a number on screens)

Tips for Screen Maintenance to Prevent Frequent Screen Replacement

In addition to the above factors, not taking proper care of your window and door screens can significantly decrease their longevity. For those screens not yet needing screen replacement and for those you do replace, consider the following maintenance tips:

  • Wipe frames at least once every three to six months and inspect for corrosion.
  • Every three to six months, also check the spline to see whether it is coming out of the frame and use a spline tool to ease it back in. A spline tool can be had at your local hardware store.
  • Keep the window tracks clean and free of dirt, water, and other grime.
  • Regularly check for holes and replace as needed otherwise you risk spreading the holes.

Where to Find Screens for Your Window Screen Replacement Needs

While it’s pretty obvious that screens need to be replaced when they are torn and worn, those aren’t the only signs. Mesh screens that are also very shiny should also be replaced. If you aren’t sure about the condition of your window screens or need help replacing them, you can also bring them to your local hardware store where an expert can inspect and best advise you on next steps.

So where to go to do that? Here at Tashman’s, we’re proud to be your local Californian store. Contact us at (323) 409-9695 or come on down and visit us in person to see all of the great options we have for you to complete your screen replacement.

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