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Security screen doors offer the best of both worlds when it comes to your home and family. Security screen doors provide the safety your home needs while offering the comfort that you and your family deserve. Let’s see how they work.


Security screen doors are designed to sound an alarm at the first sign of tampering before an intruder has the chance to enter your home. These screen doors will be connected to your existing, or newly installed, security system and features a lead plug that is custom made to work cohesively with your security system.

If you don’t have an alarm system installed – you still have options. There are battery-operated alternatives that don’t require a full-scale security system and still provide the same high-quality level of security for your home.

Reasons to Consider Security Screen Doors

Your enhanced security and protection are nearly undetectable from the outside – meaning you won’t have to worry about your field of vision or unsightly wiring and connection being visible and distracting from the aesthetics of your home.

If someone tries to remove the security screen – from inside or outside your home – an alarm will immediately sound, deterring intruders from breaking in and teens from sneaking out.

You can save on energy costs. Security screens and doors allow you to turn off your HVAC system and enjoy the cool night air without sacrificing the security of your home and family or opening your home to insects, bugs, and other creatures.

A Trusted Name for Professional Installation

Tashman provides professional custom security screen door installation, as well as, repair and replacement. All of our projects are completed with our own professional crews – ┬áno subcontractors. We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation as an industry leader for custom installation with meticulous attention to the details and superior customer service.

If you are considering security screen doors for your home or office – Give us a call, or click here, for answers to all your questions and to schedule your no cost-no obligation custom quote today!

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