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When people think of security doors, they often think of something large and ugly that serves as a basic wall between what’s inside your home and what’s outside. While such doors certainly have their place, they aren’t the only security door option for homeowners. If you want an extra level of security but also enjoy natural light and breezes, then security screens might just be the perfect addition to your home.

Today’s security screen doors and windows are stylish without being frail. They help protect and enhance the look and feel of your indoor environments. Just check out the following key aspects of security screens to see if they’re the perfect addition to your home:

Why Security Screens May Be the Right Choice for Your Home

  • Added security. Let’s cover the most important first! Security screen doors and windows are manufactured using the high-grade stainless steel and similar quality meshing to protect your home from would-be intruders. The top security screens undergo a number of tests to examine their ability to withstand impacts, knives, pulling, and jemmies or similar crowbars.
  • Keep out the pests. Security screen doors and windows also keep out the smaller pests that want to intrude upon your home. The small meshing of these units keep out flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and other unwanted bugs. They also prevent leaves and other airborne items from flying in with the wind.
  • Better ventilation. And the wind is what you want! Security screens are a particularly great addition in temperate climates such as ours as many homes lack central AC but still need some cooling cross-ventilation. Doors and windows outfitted with security screens can be left completely open so that interior environments get those coastal breezes we so love here in Southern California. Such cross ventilation likewise helps prevent a home from becoming too humid and reduces the risk of mold growth.
  • More natural light. Added sunlight is another great reason to invest in security screens in your home. While the mesh on security screens can make it hard for insiders to peer in (which is great for those who have privacy concern), it doesn’t prevent the sun from naturally pouring in. Such natural light is great for giving an interior a more open and welcoming feel.

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