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Adding new windows to your home or business is both an investment in building equity, as well as an adding comfort and energy efficiency. If windows or doors in your Hancock Park home or business have become outdated and inefficient, then welcome to Tashman Home Center!

We are located in the City of West Hollywood, and it has been an honor to serve our customers here, since 1961. Our success story started when the Tashman family immigrated to America, followed by four subsequent generations of Tashman’s who have built the Tashman Home Center into the renowned glass and screen, door and window installation business it is today.

In addition, Tashman’s independently owns and operates part of the multi-billion dollar Ace Hardware organization. Our Ace Hardware store offers online shopping and in-store pick-up that is easy, quick, and convenient. Visit our online hardware store.

Our family-owned and operated home-improvement store is comprised of 1) licensed installation experts (license #298720) – we never use third-party subcontractors, 2) more than 30 seasoned individuals who can assist with any purchases, 3) the highest-quality products, and, 4) down-to-earth prices on our 20,000+ in-stock hardware-store items for our neighbors in Hancock Park and other communities throughout the Los Angeles metro area.

Are New Windows On Your To-Do List?

The window-installation component of our company is part of Tashman’s 60+ year history. Our mission is to not only meet expectations but exceed them for every Hancock Park customer who requests window installation for new construction or window replacement for existing homes or businesses.

Whether your window installation project is large or small, your new windows from Tashman’s will provide many years of aesthetic improvement, functionality, comfort, energy savings, and increased market value to your Hancock Park home or business.

Why Select Tashman’s for Your Window Installation?

We promote expertise – Tashman’s specializes in ‘all things glass’. As a family-owned and operated window installation business, we maintain an impeccable reputation that reflects who we are, what we value, and how we have continued to operate for more than six decades, always placing our customers first.

Our window installation professionals are skilled and efficient. This means they will be in and out of your Hancock Park home or business, expeditiously, without interrupting your everyday routines.  

We embrace integrity – Our window installers have been with our company for decades, and our work is always guaranteed and backed by a warranty for three months or up to five years.  Our warranties aren’t just pieces of paper – we stand behind every door, window, glass, or screen we install!

We focus on details – Attention to detail is critically important to us. During any window installation, we make sure every detail and nuance aligns with our expectations for excellence. Our Hancock Park patrons can be assured that the work we do is done right the first time – guaranteed.

We demand quality – We partner with only the finest manufacturers and offer only high-quality products for our patrons within the Los Angeles metro area. 

We carry a vast selection – Tashman’s offers a myriad of window designs and materials, including custom window installation. We carry four primary window brands: Milgard, Western Windows, Western Windows Title 24, and CitiQuiet.  We install wood windows, fiberglass windows, aluminum windows, steel windows, vinyl windows, and sound-proof windows, on-site.

The CitiQuiet Window Difference

If we had to select one unique benefit of CitiQuiet windows, it would be one word: ‘soundproofing’.  If you yearn for peace and quiet in your busy, noisy world, CitiQuiet window installation could be the remedy you have longed for. CitiQuiet windows are used extensively in Los Angeles and in many, major cities across the U.S.

Here are some of the most outstanding benefits of CitiQuiet windows that Hancock Park homeowners and business owners find so appealing. 

CitiQuiet windows:

  • add market value
  • are unobtrusive, interior panels but are, also, available as replacement windows
  • reduce or eliminate up to 95% of outside noise and up to 99% of dirt/dust and drafts
  • are conducive to rooms where quiet is especially critical:  nurseries, bedrooms, conference rooms, recording studios, home offices, locations near traffic/construction, etc
  • carry a 100% satisfaction warranty
  • are designed to generate noticeable utility-cost savings
  • allow owners to qualify for a green-energy tax credit of 10%
  • are easily installed without alterations to existing windows
  • can be ordered as clear, SuperClear, Low E, or tinted to the color of one’s choice
  • are custom manufactured to complement any existing window’s style, size, or shape

Connect with the Tashman Team Today!

Business owners and homeowners in Hancock Park and the Los Angeles metro area can:

Call 323-996-3510 for immediate assistance with questions, quotes, scheduling a free consultation, product information, and more

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