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Welcome to Tashman Home Center! When residents of North Hollywood decide to install new doors and/or windows for their homes or businesses, they embark on a journey of greatly-enhanced aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency. Tashman’s prides itself on its 60-year history of on-site door, screen, glass, and window installation and repair, serving the entire Los Angeles metro area.

When windows show signs of age, the concern isn’t just appearance, it becomes an issue of sky-high energy bills due to drafts and air leaks. The US Department of Energy shares a stunning statistic:  Energy loss attributed to inefficient windows accounts for almost 25% of one’s yearly heating and cooling costs.

Whether for a residential or commercial window installation project, if the windows of your North Hollywood location are due for a customized alteration, repair, or replacement, Tashman’s highly-skilled window installation pros are available to add that dose of architectural character you’ve been longing for.

Window spaces can be so easily transformed from mundane to magnificent. Aesthetics is important, and equally so is the fact that new window installation for your North Hollywood home can add thousands of dollars to its market value, instantly, with an average ROI of up to 85%!

Our 6-Decade History – A True American Success Story

Being in a position to serve our North Hollywood patrons as well as those throughout the entire Los Angeles metro area is something the Tashman family never takes for granted. It was in 1961 as well as the formative years, thereafter, when our budding business began to boom.

As immigrants, the Tashman family’s dream of nurturing a successful business in the City of West Hollywood was becoming realized. Four generations of Tashmans have kept the dream alive! Today, the Tashman Home Center’s renowned reputation as glass and screen, door and window installation experts is widely known. Our North Hollywood patrons trust our business for quality, fair prices, rock-solid warranties, and promises kept.

In addition, Tashman’s also operates as part of the multi-billion-dollar Ace Hardware cooperative. Our Ace Hardware store offers online shopping and in-store pick-up that is easy, quick, and convenient. Visit our online hardware store from the comfort of your North Hollywood home or office.

As a family-owned and operated home-improvement store, our in-house trained window installers are licensed and have been with us for decades (license #298720). We never utilize outsourced sub-contractors! Additionally, we offer more than 30 dedicated and experienced individuals to assist with any in-store or online purchase. We ensure our 20,000+ in-stock hardware-store items are always available. 

Ready to Love Your New Windows?

If new window installation is on your ‘To-Do’ list,  Tashman’s offers every type of window style imaginable. There are any number of reasons why Tashman’s is North Hollywood’s go-to door and window installation choice:

We are seasoned experts – Being a family-owned window installation business, we maintain our hard-earned reputation that reflects who we are, what we value, and how we have continued to operate for more than 60 years.

We value integrity – When installations take place, our work is always guaranteed and backed by a warranty for three months or up to five years. Not only that, our warranties go beyond the paper they are printed on – we, personally and professionally, stand behind every door, glass, screen, or window we install!

We scrutinize every nuance – Attention to detail is very important to us. During any window installation, we make sure every detail aligns with our very precise expectations for excellence. Our North Hollywood patrons can be assured that the work we do is done right the first time – guaranteed.

We demand quality – We partner with only the finest manufacturers and offer only high-quality products for our patrons within the Los Angeles metro area. Further, our in-house window installation team boasts efficient, accomplished professionals.

We carry a vast selection – Tashman’s offers a vast array of window designs and materials, including custom window installation. We carry four primary window brands: Milgard, Western Windows, Western Windows Title 24, and CitiQuiet. We install wood windows, fiberglass windows, aluminum windows, steel windows, vinyl windows, and sound-proof windows, on-site.

CitiQuiet Windows – Not Hearing is Believing

In a world filled with unwanted noise, you can bring peace to your home environment by installing CitiQuiet windows.  CitiQuiet windows are all about soundproofing environments that beg for tranquility: nurseries, bedrooms, recording studios, conference rooms, home offices, etc. If you yearn for peace and quiet in your not-so-quiet world, CitiQuiet windows are for you!

CitiQuiet windows:

  • add market value
  • are unobtrusive, interior panels but are, also, available as replacement windows
  • reduce or eliminate up to 95% of outside noise and up to 99% of dirt/dust and drafts
  • carry a 100% satisfaction warranty
  • are designed to generate noticeable utility-cost savings
  • allow owners to qualify for a green-energy tax credit of 10%
  • are easily installed, without alterations to existing windows
  • can be ordered as clear, SuperClear, Low E, or tinted to the color of one’s choice
  • are custom manufactured to complement any existing window’s style, size, or shape

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Business owners and homeowners in North Hollywood and the Los Angeles metro area can:

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