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Thank you for visiting Tashman Home Center! We offer our West Hollywood neighbors a vast selection of leading, brand-name windows. Our patrons in West Hollywood and the entire Los Angeles metro area can select from an enormous selection of window shapes, sizes, custom designs, and features. Tashman’s mission and company foundation rest on three critical priorities:  service, convenience, and quality.

Our Customers Have Made Us Who We Are

The history of our window installation business spans more than 60 years. It revolves around our dream of calling West Hollywood home, where our family immigrated four generations ago! Since 1961, our pursuit of the American Dream of nurturing a thriving business was realized through decades of hard work, fair prices, pride in workmanship, and satisfied customers! 

The Tashman family remains committed to providing the very best in on-site glass, screen, door, and window installation that West Hollywood and the entire Los Angeles metro area can always count on. In addition, Tashmans’ operates its family-owned and operated Ace Hardware store, located adjacent to Tashman Home Center at 7769 Santa Monica Blvd.

We are very proud to be part of the Ace Hardware family, the largest retailer-owned hardware cooperative in the world. Our hardware selection includes more than 20,000 in-stock items and we offer store pick-up as well as online shopping.

Visit our online hardware store for all your hardware needs! Our seasoned 30+ team members are always available to assist with any in-store or online purchase.

New Windows Transform Your Home or Business  

Your West Hollywood home or business might have windows that show signs of age or be entirely outdated. Aesthetics is important, but just as important is a window’s energy efficiency. Even small, unnoticed air leaks can raise one’s energy costs through the roof, every month.  

If you are ready to save on energy bills and transform your West Hollywood home or business’s curb appeal from ‘worn’ to ‘wow’, Tashman’s window installation pros are available. Our in-house trained door and window installers are licensed (license #298720) and have been with us for decades. We  never use outsourced subcontractors!

New windows can create a metamorphosis where enhanced character and panache replace the peeling, cracking, and energy inefficiency one gets from older windows. And, let’s not forget that new windows installed in existing structures offer one of the highest ROI values – up to 85%.

Tashman’s – Pride in Our Business Shows

So, why do our West Hollywood neighbors choose Tashman’s for their door or window installation? There are some very important reasons:

We take pride in our expertise – As a family-owned door and window installation business, our hard-earned reputation reflects who we are, what we value, and how we have continued to operate for more than 60 years.

We value integrity – When installations take place, our work is, always, guaranteed and backed by a warranty for three months or up to five years. Our warranties go beyond the paper they are printed on – we, personally and professionally, stand behind every door, glass, screen, or window we install!

We are sticklers for perfection – Attention to detail is very important to us. During any window replacement, we make sure every installation detail aligns with our expectations for excellence. Our West Hollywood patrons can be assured that our work is done right the first time – guaranteed.

We insist on quality – We partner with only the finest manufacturers and offer only high-quality products for West Hollywood and other communities within the Los Angeles metro area.

We carry a vast selection – Tashman’s offers a vast array of window designs and materials, including custom window installation. We carry four primary window brands:  Milgard, Western Windows, Western Windows Title 24, and CitiQuiet.  We install wood windows, fiberglass windows, aluminum windows, steel windows, vinyl windows, and sound-proof windows, on-site.

CitiQuiet Windows Bring The Sounds of Silence

Thanks to CitiQuiet windows, the noisy world around your West Hollywood home or business can be draped in peace and serenity. CitiQuiet windows are designed for soundproofing rooms where quiet is coveted:  nurseries, bedrooms, recording studios, conference rooms, home offices, businesses adjacent to constant traffic, etc.

But there’s more!  CitiQuiet windows:

  • add market value.
  • are unobtrusive, interior panels but are, also, available as replacement windows
  • reduce or eliminate up to 95% of outside noise and up to 99% of dirt/dust and drafts
  • carry a 100% satisfaction warranty
  • are designed to generate noticeable utility-cost savings
  • allow owners to qualify for a green-energy tax credit of 10%
  • are easily installed without alterations to existing windows
  • can be ordered as clear, SuperClear, Low E, or tinted to the color of one’s choice
  • are custom manufactured to complement any existing window’s style, size, or shape

Connect With the Tashman Team Today!

Business owners and homeowners in West Hollywood and the Los Angeles metro area can:

Call 323-996-3510 for immediate assistance with questions, quotes, scheduling a free consultation, product information, and more

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