The light and illumination of the house is very important. Aside from the lighting, the chandeliers and bulbs that we would choose should matter first is how we pick the right window design and window screen for our home. The right window screen would also be necessary for a more comfortable mood and air quality inside the home. For you to select the applicable window screen for your windows, here are some tips that you could consider before buying and installing.

  1. Pick the right thickness and durable screen frame. Before you could even have the screen itself, it is important to consider first the material and thickness to be used for the screen frames. Usually, customers select from wood, steel and aluminum. The thickness is ¼ inch thick aluminum all the way up to 2 inches for wood framing. Wood frames are durable and can go easily with any home design. However such material would require you to have maintenance and proper care. For aluminum and steel, both are durable as well, however both materials do not require consistent maintenance. Having the suitable screen frame is very important because it will stand as the foundation of the whole window installation. Don’t miss to check the appropriate material and measurements of the framing for this. You can check for more information here about window screens.
  2. Check the applicable screen mesh that suits your needs. The common meshes you can select from are charcoal aluminum, fiberglass, bronze mesh, ultra mesh. There are also meshes that block UV rays and also have the capability for allergen filtering. You could just select which of these materials best suits your home needs. Fiberglass and charcoal aluminum are the most commonly used because they have good quality and are economical. It is flexible and does not easily get ruined by sunlight. Aluminum, on the other hand, is more durable than fiberglass. It does not easily deteriorate over a period of time; however aluminum mesh gets dented by pets. Copper also is a durable material for a window mesh though this may be quite pricey for a mesh if you have many windows. It also does not easily corrode over time compared to aluminum. It does fade however over time due to sunlight exposure.
  3. Select the appropriate screen for your location’s climate. In choosing the right window mesh, make sure to consider your place’s weather throughout the year. If you are living in a place prone to typhoons and hurricanes, a glass would not be an appropriate one. Screens with wood frames may not be applicable also if your place has high humidity. Select a material that will be helpful at any weather condition your home may be in.
  4. Check screen frame designs that match your home. In picking the window screen for your home, make sure to check if the material you will choose would best fit the theme and design of your home. Select the right color and design so this would not be a problem to you upon installation. For modern themed houses, most people prefer fiberglass, aluminum and steel. Wooden window frames are commonly used on houses with traditional touch designs and HPOZ or older homes.
  5. Consider your children and your pets in choosing the window screen. Sometimes, people tend to overlook this concern yet this is also very important. Make sure that the window screen and frames that you will choose would be child friendly and would prevent young ones from falling out of the window. Pets also tend to scratch at the screen mesh, so make sure to get a pet mesh if you have cats. For aluminum frames, check the edges that may be dangerous for children once touched. If you have pets that tend to scratch even on your windows, you can consider picking pet mesh that is resistant to scratching and denting.
  6. Choose the material with high quality yet still within your desired budget. Of course, the price of the window screen that we should select is also something to consider. Make sure to select good quality screens that are still affordable. Both quality and price of the material should be reasonable. Remember, most of us still put curtains on our windows, making those screens not visible most of the time except for curbside appeal and for keeping bugs out.
  7. Make sure to consider your home security in choosing the window screen. In choosing the right security screens, look for those materials that have the security magnet and don’t easily shatter or break. This will be very helpful in case thieves try to enter your home. There are certain models and designs that can easily have good fittings for magnetic locking on your windows for additional protection. There are also some features of windows wherein you can change the glass panels whenever there is a change in weather. This would be helpful to locations with different weathers in a year for protection purposes.
  8. Check if the window screen can provide protection against insects. This is one thing that many people should also take into account in selecting the screen for windows. Especially for homes with children, it is very important to protect them against mosquitoes, flies and other insects. Select those screens that would easily hinder entry of insects without compromising the consistency of air flow inside your home.

A relaxed home comes with a comfortable window with it, not just on its design but most especially on its construction and raw material used. Make sure your windows make your family feel calm, relaxed, comfortable and secured. Don’t miss out on picking the right window screen for your needs.

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