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Thinking of adding soundproof windows? You would do well to consider the brand CitiQuiet Windows. The creator of Citiquiet, Michael Lentin’s friend had a newborn baby who was unable to sleep through the night. The baby was awakened by sounds outside their New York apartment. In a city that never sleeps, there was never a good time to ensure a nap or full night of sleep for said child! So, Michael set to work and figured out a way to reduce the city noise for his friend. Now, Michael and his soundproof windows are a friend to all who need a quiet place to sleep.

Why Soundproof Windows ?

Many negative effects from lack of sleep can be traced to noisy environments. CitiQuiet Windows can reduce noise by up to 95%. Busy streets, playing children, loud music emanating from cars and other noises will no longer interrupt your sleep.

Plus soundproofing windows is a fairly simple job! Soundproof windows may be installed into the existing window opening. No construction is required and no building permits are required for an upgrade like this. And the windows are fully operable.

Window Cost

Before calculating the costs, you will need to ask yourself a few questions. The answer to these questions will make a difference in the total cost of window replacement.

  • What are the size and style of your current windows?
  • How many windows do you wish to soundproof?
  • What type of glass are the current windows?
  • Just how much noise do you wish to eliminate?

For the base amount, there is an inexpensive insert that is a one-size-fits-all at $75 per window. But these are on the lower end of efficiency. On the other hand, a complete renovation including a noise-canceling foam insulation, each window may cost upwards of $1,500.

Professional Help Available

Tashman Home Center Los Angeles

Tashman Home Center, installs soundproof windows for you. We are happy to help you decide which windows in your home to change, offering various ideas and options. For instance, have panes of higher reduction in noise for your bedroom, with a slightly lower reduction in the living room.

At Tashman Home Center, we understand some home improvement projects require a bit of work to complete. We have done quite a few ourselves! And this is why when you choose us, you see we are the best hardware store around. Give us a call at (323) 498-2417 or drop by today for more information on your current home improvement project.

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