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Soundproof windows can be a great addition to a home or condo making life a thousand times quieter, but they don’t come cheap. Therefore, the question is … “Are they worth it?”

Reality Check

You live in a noisy city. Between the occasional riots, car chases, demonstrations and spontaneous rooftop concerts, LA is a seriously loud place. Even if you love it here, it can still be an unpleasant place to live and work if you don’t have some kind of sound protection for your home or home office. For many homeowners, the solution to this problem is soundproof windows. At Tashman Home Center, we help local residents improve their homes by installing quality, functional soundproof windows.

What Are Soundproof Windows?

Soundproof Window Installation | Tashman Home Center Soundproof windowsSoundproof windows are windows capable of blocking between 90% and 95% of the sound outside the glass. The type of sounds that these windows block can vary depending on the construction of the window itself. High-frequency sounds are easier to block than lower-frequency sounds. Knowing what kind of sounds you want to block can help you decide whether or not soundproof windows will do the job that you need them to do.

Soundproof windows work by adding air space between two thick panes of glass or plastic. Plastic is the preferred material for soundproof windows because it doesn’t transmit noise as well as glass. The thicker the window pane is, and the wider the space between the two panes, the more noise-deadening the window will be.

What are the Advantages of Soundproof Windows?

The advantages of soundproof windows are numerous, especially in a loud city like LA. For example:

  • Block noise. like noisy neighbors, noisy kids, obnoxious tourists and loud car stereos. Depending on where you live, you may hear a plethora of noises on a daily basis. Soundproof windows can help you enjoy your home, nap soundly in your bed and entertain friends without ever hearing the big, loud world outside.
  • Home value. Soundproof windows are expensive and desirable, which means that installing soundproof windows in your home could potentially increase the value of your home and lead to better offers if you ever decide to sell.
  • Improve your health. It is universally accepted that sleep disturbances and disruptions can cause many health problems including changes in mood, increased stress, reduced productivity and diminished alertness. Installing soundproof windows can enable you to live without fear of the next wild party next door, or next year’s fourth of July celebration.
  • Keep the baby sleeping. New parents have a hard time getting babies to go to sleep and stay asleep. Soundproof windows can help with this problem by making the environment better for the baby.
  • More peace in the home. Do you and your spouse get cranky when you don’t sleep well? Then you’re like a lot of people. Soundproof windows help you get the uninterrupted sleep you need in order to live happily with your family.

Which Homes Benefit Most from Soundproof Windows?

We recommend installing soundproof windows in the following locations:

  • On busy streets.
  • Anywhere near a fire department.
  • In locations where your windows look into your neighbor’s windows or entertainment areas.

For additional information about soundproof windows check our our web page, Citiquiet Soundproof Windows

Tashman Home Center’s Soundproof Windows

Tashman Home Center specializes in creating custom-made soundproof windows. We are the Los Angeles representative for CitiQuiet Windows, the leading designer, manufacturer of Soundproof Window Systems.

CitiQuiet windows are available for viewing in our store. If you would like to learn more about soundproof windows, please give us a call at (323) 498-2417 to set up an appointment or stop by Tashman Home Center (7769 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90046). We have an experienced and knowledgeable staff and we’d be delighted to introduce you to the silence of soundproof windows.

In addition, should you decided to add soundproof windows to your existing windows, we’re here to make sure they’re properly installed. Tashman is a licensed contractor (Lic # 298720) as well as a certified Installation Master specializing in replacing windows and doors.

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