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Many of us are stressed out by the holidays and often it seems that the only people enjoying themselves are children and people with personal assistants. Nonetheless it can be a great feeling watching someone enjoy a gift you gave them just as it can be wonderful to receive a gift and know that some one is thinking of you.

It is also a busy season for charitable organizations as people help the less fortunate have better holidays. Providing a toy for a child or some new clothes can really make a difference at a time of year when the gap between the haves and the have nots is striking and garish. Giving can also create a positive feedback loop because happier people give more and giving makes people happier.

Every year at Tashmans we donate doors and windows to Habitat for Humanity and this year the total value given was more than $10,000 dollars!



Festive decorations play a large part in creating a pleasant atmosphere in the these dark winter months. Although it is certainly not cold here in southern California, it does get dark early so some Christmas lights and snowy figures cheers us up.



Happy Holidays from Tashman Home Center!


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