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I went to my client today Donna Bojarsky.  She needed a mirror for her powder room. When  walked in, I saw the view of Hollywood. It was beautiful!

A picture post card day. But what I noticed, or rather did not notice, were the screens I put in last month.

The Phiffer Ultra View screen mesh we used is so sheer I could not see it. I went up to the window and it was amazingly sheer.

Hollywood looked great and the bugs stayed outside. Well, look at the pictures and you will see. We can make the screens for most applications, including doors. Come by the store and we will show you, but seeing is really not seeing to believe.

The top picture is a close up from 6″ away. The screen is barely noticeable.  The lower picture is from 5′ away. Notice the window is open and you cannot see the screen, it is almost totally gone from view.

Screens are very important protection from insects. Just yesterday, it was anounced that in Sherman Oaks the West Nile virus was detected.

So protect your kids and family and keep your house cool. L.A. weather is great right now! keep you house cool for free by just opening your windows, and doors.

Have a great day


ultra view1 ultra view 2

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