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Aluminum Windows

Accentuate your well designed interior by increasing the amount of natural light like never before. Why walk through a door or peer through a window when you can create a moving wall constructed of superior aluminum windows. Create seamless spaces that take your indoor living outside and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

#1 Moving Wall Features

Thermally Broken Aluminum

Forget everything you thought you knew about aluminum. Moving walls incorporate the latest “Thermally Broken” aluminum technologies. What does this mean for you? Strong, insulated, state of the art aluminum windows that will become the foundation for the rest of your moving wall.


  • 1000 times slower heat and sound conductivity!
  • Protection against air and water.
  • Custom colors.
  • Increased security.
  • Long lasting and durable.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Low maintenance.



There are some design options for moving walls of aluminum windows. You will find that hardware is built to withstand heavy loads and wear and tear, yet operate with smoothness and consistency. Whichever of the following options you choose you can be certain that a lot of thought went into creating each piece.


  • Bottom or Top-Hung main tracks.
  • Interior Transition “U” tracks.
  • Water Barrier or Transition sills.
  • Top Load or Bottom Load carrier hinges.
  • Latch Only or Latch and Lock door handles.

#2 Moving Wall Placement

Now that you are considering installing your moving wall of windows, where should you install it? The easiest and least costly place to start is with existing openings. Likely the openings were originally made consistent with the layout of your home. The key is to make the opening much lager without sacrificing the structural integrity of the building. Here are some things to think about:


  • The new wall of windows should open up to plenty of light and attractive surroundings such as your nicely landscaped yard, well designed deck, view of the bay or other landmark.
  • If security is an issue you want to look for openings that are off the ground if possible.
  • If the moving wall is an interior wall consider placing it between structural or load bearing walls, or between existing rooms where it will be easier to ensure structural stability and an easy flooring transition.
  • If the moving wall will be installed on a long exterior wall, think about using a sliding wall.
  • If the moving wall will be installed in a limited space, folding aluminum windows will work best.

Tashman Home Center

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