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Guest blog by Joann Whetstine, Milgard Windows & Doors

In a recent Professional Builder Survey about windows and patio doors, product quality was identified as the top reason that builders choose one window brand over another. Milgard Windows & Doors has been manufacturing quality window and patio door products for over 50 years and leads the industry with their Full Lifetime Warranty.

When designing for door and window quality, the following three principles are kept in mind:

#1 Smooth Operation

Homeowners want windows and patio doors that glide on the tracks and are easy to use. Milgard created the SmartTouch® window lock and patio door handle to meet that demand. This innovative technology makes opening and closing windows and patio doors easier for all ages and requires only one smooth, effortless motion. Plus, you can see at a glance if your window is locked. When the handle is flush, it’s closed. (Not available on all product lines.)

quality windows

#2 Energy Efficiency

All manufacturers must keep an eye on ever-changing energy codes, which are expected to become even more stringent in the coming years. Milgard offers energy efficient window and patio door options specific to your climate to help your home stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Milgard regularly runs thermal simulations to ensure improved energy performance in adherence to ENERGY STAR® v6 requirements, with a goal to meet or exceed U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) criteria so homeowners can enjoy more comfortable homes.

energy efficiency from quality windows

#3 Window and Patio Door Hardware

Drawing influence from European designs, Milgard offers beautiful, metal plated upgrade options for higher quality hardware on UltraTM Series casement window operating styles. Homeowners can choose either Brushed Chrome or Satin Nickel metal finishes on folding, nesting handles. Essence Series® windows offer one additional metal finish color in Oil Rubbed Bronze for all operating styles and patio door handles.

Milgard essense door handles

In addition to finishes, Milgard paid close attention to the design of their door hinges. Made to withstand weight that exceeds the door panel itself, the result is a sturdy patio door that is built to last. The hinges also allow the door to be lifted off, making installation and service easier.

Milgard essense door
Windows do more for your home than simply let in light and air flow. Because not all window manufacturers are the same, consider Milgard if you are looking for quality and innovation. To monitor for quality control, Milgard produces its own fiberglass lineals, and utilizes a proprietary compound to extrude its own vinyl lineals. Plus, Milgard has undergone rigorous testing through the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and has received their Gold Label, which denotes that their products have passed air, water, and structural tests that meet AAMA performance requirements and high standards.

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