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Here at Tashman Home Center, we are proud to offer a wide selection of closet / wardrobe doors for our California residents. The most popular of these style doors is undoubtedly the sliding door which makes it easy to separate the closet or wardrobe from the rest of the bedroom without having to sacrifice any floor space. This style also makes it easy for you to reach in and access the entirety of a closet or wardrobes interior for maximum space utilization. However, if this is your first time replacing the closet / wardrobe doors, then you might be looking for the best way to get closet doors installed. The following is a quick how-to to help

How to Get Sliding Closet Doors Installed

  • Make sure to begin with all the correct hardware. Before getting started with installing closet or wardrobe doors, make sure to gather all of the correct supplies from your local California hardware store. This means that in addition to the door itself, make sure to have a pair of track rollers for each door and, for those sliding doors with precut door handle holes, that all the correct door handle hardware is there. Check with the hardware store associate that you have all the needed screws to fully install the doors and the requisite hardware.
  • Start with the top. Begin the installation process by installing the track at the top of the door’s frame. Use a drill bit a size smaller than the screws to predrill the holes for the track and, if needed, for any door pulls. Then install the track and the pulls and then secure the rollers on the doors.
  • Have someone help to hang the doors. Grab a friend or family member to hold the closet doors in place while you guile their rollers onto the track. This often is easiest done by holding the inside panel at a 10-degree angle in order to cleanly secure the rollers.
  • Install the lower track or floor guide. Once the doors are properly moving on the upper track, the next step is to install the floor guide. Follow the aforementioned step and pre-drill the holes before finalizing the track in place.

Get Started With Closet Door Installation at Tashman Home Center

Are you ready to install new closet / wardrobe doors in your California home? Learn more and browse the wide selection at Tashman Home Center today.

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