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Window screens are one of the great inventions of the modern age. In addition to keeping insects out, window screens actually improve the quality of life in a variety of  ways.

For over 50 years Tashman Home Center has provided Los Angeles home owners and apartment dwellers with every imaginable window screen and screen door.  In addition to keeping the bugs out, our window screens have kept babies and children safe from open windows, pets in or out of doors, prevented burglars from gaining access and deadly diseases from spreading, all the while allowing heat and odors to vacate the premises and cool breezes to make themselves at home.

Here are descriptions of five specialty screens that do far more than keep the insect population at bay.

1. Solar Window Screens Dissipate The Sun’s Heat And Glare

Solar window screens offer the ultimate in shading and insect protection. These screens block up to 90% of the sun’s heat and glare. This helps control the heat indoors without requiring the use of sun-resistant drapes, curtains or blinds and can save you money by helping avoid the constant use of an air conditioner.

We recommend using solar window screens in west-facing and south-facing windows and in rooms that get uncomfortably hot on bright, sunny summer afternoons.

2. Window Screens Protect Against Infectious Diseases

Aedes Mosquito - Zika VirusMosquitoes are known carriers of infectious diseases. In countries all over the world, mosquitos can infect humans with their bite. In LA, we worry about Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever and more. Use of well maintained window screens can prevent the entry of mosquitos into your home, thus protecting your family from all these various diseases. This is especially important in homes of seniors, babies and pregnant women, but every home can benefit from having good quality and well maintained window screens. To learn more about protecting your home from the Zika Virus and other mosquito-borne diseases check out our blog, Zika Virus & Southern California

3. Security Window Screens Keep Your Home Secure

Guarda Security Window Screens have a lot in common with superheroes: they’re stronger than sledgehammers, impervious to karate kicks and capable of fending off intruders regardless of how many times they may attacked. To see just how strong Guarda Security Screens are check out our blog Guarda Steel Security Windows Screens & Doors or view this video.

If you’ve been living in Los Angeles for more than 5 minutes, you know how reassuring  it would be to live in a home with window screens so strong that someone trying to break into your home would do more damage to themselves than to your screens. Though strong, Guarda security screens are not only far more attractive than metal gates, they are designed to provide plenty of light and a steady breeze on a hot LA day.

4. Security Window Screens Keep Children Safe

Child Safety - How To Make Your Home For A Visiting GrandchildDepending on where you live and what your neighbors are like, you may not worry too much about intruders. However, if you have young children and if you live above the first floor, screens are a safety feature you should seriously consider. For more information about keeping children safe, please read our blog, Window Safety & Fall Prevention: Keeping Children Safe

You can not depend on insect screening to prevent a child from falling through an open window. Open windows should be protected from children with security window screens. While Guarda Security Window Screens were designed to keep intruders out they are also excellent in keeping little ones in. According to WebMD, 5,000 kids fall out of windows every year. Security window screens can help bring peace of mind to parents with young children or toddlers who live above the first floor.

5. Pet Proof Screen

If your your dog or cat decides to head out doors and a screen stands in their way, don’t replace the damaged screen with the same insect screening that that was damaged, a pet proof  or pet resistant window screen is what you need.

A pet proof insect screen is tear and puncture-resistant to prevent damage by dogs and cats. Ideal for use in high-traffic areas, the screen installs like regular insect screening and is excellent for use in patio/porch enclosures and windows and doors. For more information see our blog post Dog Doors & Pet Screens.

Tashman Home Center

Window screens and screen doors have been Tashman Home Center’s  speciality in Los Angeles for the last 50 years. For more information regarding any of the above-mentioned window screens or replacement window screens and screen doors, stop by Tashman Home Center (7769 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90046) or give us a call at (323) 498-2417 to set up an appointment. We have an experienced and knowledgable staff and we’d be delighted to learn what you’re looking to accomplish and how we might be of assistance.

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