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Milgard window replacements

Do you need to add Milgard window replacements to your home? Before you head out to the store, it’s important to take a moment and consider the style of your home and other key aspects that will impact the type of window glass and other features you should choose. After all, the last thing you want is to bring home a replacement window that looked great in the store but is a mismatch on your home. The following are a few important considerations that shouldn’t be overlooked when shopping for Milgard window replacements:

  • Convenience. If you’ve ever been frustrated with how your current windows open, then now is a great time to look at other options. For example, new Milgard sliding horizontal windows are great in areas like above kitchen counters where easy opening for fresh breezes is desirable. Or maybe you’re frustrated with how had it is to clean your current windows? Look for double hung Milgard window replacements that have tilt-in sashes to allow for easy cleaning, a big boon for second and third story areas.
  • Privacy.  While there are some windows you want to be frequently unshaded for pretty viewings outdoors and to allow in that natural light, there are others that are best kept obscured. Such as in the bathroom and those windows flanking your front door and similar entryways. If you don’t like the look of window coverings, make sure then to choose replacements with privacy and obscure glass makeup. Other options include transom windows and skylights but those may require larger home renovations.
  • Matching styles for curb appeal. If you are planning to sell your home in the near or not-too-distant future, then planning for curb appeal is important. Your windows can make or break the cohesive outward appearance of your home and thus you do not want to go too crazy when choosing replacements, particularly when it comes to front-facing windows. Pick windows that complement the style of your home and aim to keep a symmetrical look. Depending upon your neighborhood, there may even be mandatory guidelines set for what style windows you can choose. Check in with your HOA before purchasing window replacements.

Want to add Milgard Window Replacements? Let Tashman Help!

At Tashman Home Center, our team is always here to help assist you with picking the perfect Milgard window replacements for your home. Give our crew a call at (323) 498-2417 or visit our store today to get started!

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