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Clearview retractable screen doors

Are you looking for a great screen door that will bring your home some much needed fresh air every season of the year? If so, then it’s important to do some research on the screen doors on the market to ensure you get the best value system for your home. At Tashman Home Center, one of our favorite products is the Clearview retractable screen doors. Here’s a quick look at what makes these such a great and innovative product and why you should consider adding them to your California home:

4 Reasons to Pick Clearview Retractable Screen Doors for All Season Enjoyment

  1. Thickest Gauge Aluminum. One of the biggest selling points of these all season retractable screen doors is their durable and sturdy design. These doors utilize really thick aluminum components that give the frame a rigid, solid feel. This is a door built to withstand the elements and rigorous day-to-day use.
  2. A Hydraulic Speed Reducer System Comes Standard. Every Clearview retractable screen door comes standard with the company’s patented hydraulic speed reducer. This speed reducer is great for giving the screen unit a smooth feel when it retracts up and it also prevents fingers from getting painfully caught (a particularly important benefit for households with small and curious children).
  3. Professional Grade Powder Coating. All season retractable screen doors see a lot of use and so it’s important for buyers to get a product built to withstand that everyday use. With Clearview retractable screen doors, you know you’re getting an outstanding, long-lasting product due to the professional grade powder coating on its exterior metal and plastic components. This powder coating helps ensure the screen doors continue looking great even after years of exposure to the outdoor elements and regular use.
  4. Nylon End Caps. To further extend the lifespan of Clearview retractable screen doors, these products include nylon end caps that won’t fade or crack due to sun and heat exposure and will improve screen performance.

Visit Tashman Home Center and See Our Selection of Clearview Retractable Screen Doors For Yourself

Are you ready to purchase new Clearview retractable screen doors and have them installed today in your California home? Then come down and visit our screen door department at Tashman Home Center. We’re proud to have a wide selection of Clearview retractable screen doors for you to browse and select from.

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