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local window screen repair

It is difficult to avoid a torn or punctured window screen. Screens get thumped all the time. Objects strike at them, pets climb them and harsh weather hits at them.

Repairing your window screens is something we have to learn to live with. Read on to understand when to tell if your window screen needs a local window screen repair specialist.

When the screen is out of its frame

In this situation, a quick repair will cost you less and even buy you more time before you purchase a new screen. Your screen can come out due to pressure applied on it like throwing hard objects at it. This is common in a home with kids. They will usually fight over toys and throw at the windows. Sometimes if less damage has been caused, you can simply press it back with your bare hands; but if the damage is more intense then you might need a local window screen repair specialist to press it back with an appropriate tool.

When your screen gets a Puncture

There is no way you can repair a punctured window screen. Dust will sneak in, pests will crawl in and the sun rays will make you uncomfortable. You can attempt to repair your screen by yourself using tweezers and super glue or you can hire a local window screen repair professional to repair it. The amount of damage on your screen and the type of screen fabric should determine this. Larger tears of more than 1-inch can’t be fixed at home. Neither can metal screens.

When the frame is damaged

A damaged frame can be repaired but will only last for a while. The best solution is to buy a new one. If you choose a local window screen repair person to repair it, make sure that the rubber gasket is still firm. If not, then the screen will need to be replaced.


A tear or puncture in your window screen with time, will need to be replaced. And even though it’s possible to do your own screen repair, it is not the best choice for your screen. Always hire a local window screen repair specialist to do the job right.

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