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Restoration and Wood Windows

Restoration and wood windows are two words that handily go together. The older the building, the more likely you are to require the skills to either beautify or completely restore existing wood windows. There is nothing that gives more character and adds more intrinsic value to historic buildings than restoration and wood windows.

1. Restoration

The Glass

Replace any cracked or chipped glass making sure to save any trim pieces that are still intact. If possible upgrade the glass to an energy efficient option. Re-install the trim pieces.

The Wood

With restoration and wood windows, wood has either become petrified (hard) or “punky” (soft). If you can press your fingernail into the wood more than 1/8″ then change the wood. Also replace any severely damaged pieces. Use either coated or galvanized nails to secure the new pieces in place and “set” the nails with a nail set tool.

The Hardware

Make sure all window hardware operates smoothly by opening and closing the window completely. Replace any damaged hardware.

It may be worthwhile to replace all of the hardware at the same time.

The Paint

Over time painted or stained wood windows will chip, crack, peel, fade, or blister. The steps are the same to restore the paint.

  • Use a “C” scraper to scrape off any loose paint. Sand all wood surfaces with 100 or 120 grit sand paper or a medium/fine sanding sponge and dust off any debris. For heavy “ridges” use a palm sander to flush.
  • Caulk any cracks or transitions with an exterior paintable caulking.
  • Repair or replace missing or damaged putty around the glass edges with a window mastic sealant (putty), and smooth it out. Fill any nail holes with mastic and smooth out.
  • Use wood filler to repair deep gouges or cracks and sand with 100 or 120 grit sandpaper.
  • Paint 1 coat of good quality Exterior Primer suitable to cover oil based and acrylic paints and stains. Paint 2 coats of Exterior Semigloss Acrylic or Exterior Solid Color Stain on all wood surfaces. Make sure windows will open after each coat and before the paint dries.

historical wood windows restoration

2. Final Inspection

Once you have successfully restored your wood windows you should open and close each window to ensure their smooth operation. Finally replace any damaged weather stripping to keep the heat out and the cool in. Now enjoy your restoration and wood windows!

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