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Is it time to replace your aluminum windows? Western Window Systems are an excellent choice for replacements and are a good match for the weather around Los Angeles. Some styles are hinged and designed to allow a gentle breeze to wander in. Other types have sliding and single-hung windows.

Steps to Replace Aluminum Windows

To begin, make measurements of all the windows you wish to replace, to ensure the correct sizes are available. Even if windows appear to be the same size, taking exact measurements will help avoid frustrations later.

Remove The Old One

Aluminum windows are normally screwed into place, making the extraction fairly easy. Remove the screws going through the window jamb into the frame. Push aside the sliding pins that lock into the frame and tip the window. The glass should easily slip out. Having a second person available to catch the glass reduces the chance of breakage.

Next, remove the screws where the window frame comes together. They are located along the bottom and top. The whole jamb should pop out with little effort. Once removed, you should see the stud walls across the opening.

Insert the New One

Tip: manufacturers may specifically state a warranty is void when a window is damaged during installation; verify all the provisions of coverage.

Now is a good time to recheck all measurements. You want one to two inches around the four edges of the window jamb to have room for adjustments. With a crowbar, you can pop out the old studs and move them as needed.

Use shims and a level to ensure the lines are true, prior to mounting the frame. You want a tight seal, but also make sure the windows will open and close properly. The new frame should be as easy to install as it was to remove the old one. Once all the screws are in place, add a bead of caulk along the jamb and frame.


Replacing aluminum windows may be considered easy. But sometimes a project becomes more challenging than initially expected, especially when it is the first time to perform a particular task.

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At Tashman Home Center, we install windows and doors on a regular basis, and know some projects can be a bit tricky. If you find something daunting and need advice, we are here to assist. We can also install aluminum windows for you. Drop by today to see how we might help you with your current project or dial 323-498-2417 to get a free estimate!

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