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When it comes to replacing your windows, planning is one of the most important stages. It’s important to research and ensure you are properly informed about the available window materials and accompanying products and services you will need to ensure the best in quality and design outcomes. One type of window deserving special consideration is wood windows.

Wood windows were, for a long time, the primary choice by homeowners and contractors when it came both to new installs and renovation projects. Yet, in recent years, with improving technologies and all new materials like composites, wood windows were sort of pushed to the back burner. But no longer! While some of the newer materials may be rated at higher strengths than wood windows, this type of product still has some important advantages that make it a great choice for California homeowners.

The Value of Wood Windows & Why Wood is Still Good

  • Beauty & Authenticity. For those owning a historic or older home, using wooden windows is a must to preserve the authenticity and classic style of the building. Of course, not only do wooden windows preserve the classic look of a home, they can transform a newer home into one that oozes that same classic beauty.
  • Versatile. Can’t find the perfect shade of wooden windows at our Los Angeles hardware store? Never fear, paint and staining products are here! The structural composition of wooden windows allows them to be easily and effectively transformed so that homeowners can match the exact shade they desire.
  • Sustainability. Wood is a great choice for those who want to make an environmentally conscious decision as unlike vinyl and composite products that are manufactured in a factory with a significant amount of material waste, today’s wooden materials largely come from tree farms. Tree farming helps keep a good ozone balance and provides habitat for local wildlife while simultaneously being a renewable resource.
  • Insulative. There’s a good reason why many animals make their homes in trees! Wood offers excellent natural insulation benefits and is why it’s been such a top building material for centuries.

Shop & Save at Tashman Home Center!

Now that you know the benefits, are you ready to see all of your wood window options? Come down and visit Tashman Home Center, your neighborhood Ace Hardware Store. You may also call our wood window repair and installation masters at (323) 285-3063.

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